Endpoint Security

October 17, 2019

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Protecting the Financial Services Industry From Phishing Attacks

Moreover, as sensitive information continues to flow beyond the reach of traditional security perimeters, bad actors will continue to explore new avenues of attack outside of email, such as mobile messaging or social media apps. According to the 2019 Verizon Mobile Security Index, 85 percent of phishing attacks seen on mobile devices take place outside of email. In fact, just last month, law enforcement warned of a wave of phishing scams targeting Venmo users with text messages that directed them to a fake website, that then collected personal and banking information.

Securing financial services: Lookout Phishing & Content Protection  

With stringent regulations in the financial services industry, such as GLBA and NYDFS regulation 23 NYCRR 500, the importance of endpoint security is only increasing. Lookout provides comprehensive and continuous assessment of risk across all devices to secure against phishing, app, device and network-based threats. By continuously monitoring the health of devices that are accessing corporate resources, Lookout safeguards personal information and is able to provide risk-based authentication, ensuring that companies stay compliant.

Early detection of phishing attacks targeting any endpoint, mobile and otherwise, has become increasingly difficult as phishing attacks evolve beyond email. The post-perimeter world challenges firms to employ cybersecurity protections that safeguard both customer and corporate data while complying with industry regulations. Lookout Phishing and Content Protection is designed to keep financial services secure from phishing attacks in the mobile-first, cloud-first and perimeter-less world.