March 11, 2019

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Partnership with DXC Technology | Post-Perimeter Security

The way we work has fundamentally changed. Critical data has moved to the cloud and employees are able to access it from any device, wherever they are in the world. Mobile device threats are one of the fastest growing cybersecurity concerns to any organization. In order to support and secure the ever-evolving workplace, DXC Technology is introducing DXC Mobile Threat Defense, combining forces with Lookout, a leader in post-perimeter security. DXC Mobile Threat Defense, provided as part of the DXC Mobile Enterprise Services, helps customers to leverage the full productivity value of mobile endpoint devices within their enterprise environment securely, knowing corporate data is protected against the full spectrum of mobile risks and preventing data compliance violations.

Securing mobile workforces with Lookout and DXC Mobile Threat Defense

Enabling mobility and the ability to access corporate data seamlessly increases enterprise productivity but causes a serious challenge to security teams who rely on perimeter provisions -- such as firewalls and secure web gateways. Leveraging Lookout as an integral part of the DXC Mobile Threat Defense solution provides clients with the full benefits of Lookout’s specialist knowledge and intelligence in mobile device security and DXC Technology’s expertise in implementing, integrating and managing mobile enterprise services. This gives clients increased security, speed and agility and enables them to work security from anywhere at any time.

How DXC Mobile Threat Defense protects customers

DXC Mobile Threat Defense with Lookout improves the security of clients’ mobile devices and corporate data by:

  1. Protecting Mobile iOS and Android devices from the entire spectrum of mobile risk, including malicious applications, operating system vulnerabilities, network attacks and phishing attempts
  2. Managing mobile security and enterprise mobility management to optimize enterprise mobility, productivity and security
  3. Monitoring Device health and leveraging conditional access capabilities before allowing a user access to corporate resources
  4. Including deployment, integration, operations and maintenance services for an integrated and scalable solution
  5. Providing mobile device GDPR compliance visibility and control by identifying mobile device applications that violate user privacy
  6. Protecting against social media phishing and content risks of mobile computing

To learn more about DXC Mobile Threat Defense, powered by Lookout, visit here.

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