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June 2, 2021

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Lookout and Jamf: Defending Against Mobile Threats

I’m pleased to share that Jamf and Lookout have formed a partnership to integrate Jamf Pro with Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security. Jamf provides mobile device management for Apple devices and specializes in serving IT professionals, schools and small businesses. Together, Lookout and Jamf enable your organization to deploy and provision iOS devices while protecting them against mobile threats such as phishing and network attacks.

This combination of management and security is especially important as your employees now work from anywhere. They increasingly turn to mobile devices to stay productive and access work resources on networks you don’t control. This means you need to control who has access to your data and how it is being used.

Through this integration, Jamf users have full and continuous assessment of the risk level of mobile devices in their fleet to dynamically modify access privileges and protect data. Users will also receive easy-to-follow instructions to remediate threats so they can regain access essential for performing their job.

"As more of our customers rely on mobile devices to access corporate data, they are looking for the best way to manage these devices and provide the necessary security while maintaining user privacy. The Jamf Pro and Lookout integration provides the solution for managing Apple devices while protecting user and corporate data from compromise."
— Benoit Delamarche, CEO, Netopie / France

Mobile devices are vulnerable to phishing, malicious apps and network threats

As more employees use their mobile devices to access corporate and cloud-based services, the greater the risk of data compromise if the mobile device doesn’t remain secure. Any app can be used to deliver a phishing attack to a mobile device, including messaging, social media and even dating apps in addition to work and personal email apps. Once an employee clicks on a phishing link, attackers can steal credentials or trick them into downloading malware.

Users can also be tricked into side-loading malicious apps from websites rather than the Apple App Store. These sideloaded apps can lead to device and data compromise. Lookout detects those side-loaded apps and identifies apps that expose sensitive information such as personal information that may violate company compliance policies.

Even trusted apps can expose sensitive data that may violate an organization’s compliance requirements.  Lookout Risk and Compliance provides full visibility into the mobile apps in your organization’s fleet and enables you to implement organization-wide governance, risk and compliance policies. Lookout delivers a unique capability to provide mobile application risk assessment that gives the necessary insight into app permission and data access controls.

Failure to protect against these attacks can have severe consequences for an organization. For example, in the case where login credentials are obtained, a cybercriminal can gain access to your organization’s infrastructure and move laterally to identify and steal sensitive data.

Continuous risk assessment that respects privacy

With the integration of Jamf Pro and Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security integration, we continuously monitor the risk level of your devices, but we do so in a manner that respects personal privacy.

With the Lookout Security Graph, we use machine intelligence to analyze telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices and more than 140 million apps. We also continuously analyze millions of URLs daily. This means we can automatically detect threats without ever inspecting the content of your user’s apps, even if we’ve never seen the threat before.

If a user’s device encounters a threat, Lookout will alert Jamf Pro of the specific threat. This enables an organization to determine the conditional access policies that enable and control access to sensitive corporate data. Lookout provides clear remediation instructions to users so they can resolve the threat and regain their normal corporate access.

Protecting your data requires security for mobile endpoints

As your employees continue to work outside your perimeters, they are prone to network and phishing threats. By combining Lookout and Jamf, you can deliver a holistic iOS and iPadOS mobile device management and security strategy that provides seamless access, continuous security monitoring and protections, all while maintaining user privacy.

Give the Jamf blog about this partnership a read and check out Lookout on the Jamf Store. To learn more about how Lookout can help secure your enterprise, visit the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security page.

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