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September 16, 2019

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Schneider Electric Secures 50k Devices with Lookout MES

In PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, two of the top technology priorities of industrial manufacturing CEOs were mobility (73%) and cybersecurity (72%). The mobile-first, cloud-first and perimeterless environment of the modern enterprise allows employees to access corporate data from any device, anywhere. While this enables organizations to be more productive, more efficient, and more fluid than ever before, it also creates security concerns. Executives must figure out how to enable a growing mobile workforce while protecting corporate data on devices and respecting user privacy.

Schneider Electric: Enabling a secure modern mobile workforce

As Schneider Electric, a leader in energy management and automation with operations, has grown to over 170,000 employees in more than 100 countries, security has become top of mind for them. They understood that as they expanded, they needed to enable a strong mobile workforce that could rely on mobile devices and applications to deliver on projects and boost efficiency in the field.

Schneider knew that a mobile threat defense (MTD) solution was key to enabling a secure mobile workforce, but needed a solution that could easily be implemented into their existing infrastructure across a massive fleet of mobile devices.

Lookout Mobile Enterprise Security: Balancing security with productivity

By selecting Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, Schneider gained immediate visibility into the mobile security and risk posture of its mobile users. After six months of Lookout exceeding expectations, Schneider increased the deployments by 20 times, then after a year extended coverage out to the entire fleet of 50,000 devices.

"“Lookout is a well-known company in mobile security with more than 170 million devices already observed. We also found it to be the most mature solution throughout our entire evaluation, so we felt confident in our decision to go with the market leader.” "

Simon Hardy, Global Head of Office 365 Services and Enterprise Mobility for Schnieder Electric

Lookout not only reinforced existing security tools, but filled a gap in Schneider’s security posture. Combining Lookout with enterprise mobility management (EMM) means that, as devices access corporate resources, there’s a continuous check on the health of the device to make sure only healthy devices are accessing corporate data without putting the entire company at risk. By pushing Lookout to employee devices with EMM and leveraging one-click activation, Schneider was able to roll out coverage to a large mobile workforce with ease.

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