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  • Companies spend millions on security
    but get hacked every day. Why?

  • Signatures can't detect new threats.
    Behavioral analysis has many false alarms
    and is easy to evade.

  • Lookout uses global context
    and machine intelligence
    to predict threats.

  • We gather continuous security
    telemetry from millions of devices
    globally, generating hundreds of
    millions of data points.

  • Lookout's Helix™ security engine uses
    machine intelligence to identify zero-day
    threats and global correlation to uncover
    the evolution of known threats.

  • Without Lookout's scale and technology, it's not
    possible to achieve accurate predictive security.

  • Get ahead of legacy detection with predictive security.

    To stop today's advanced threats, we need to go beyond signatures and behavioral analysis and build security technologies that can automatically identify complex, underlying correlations that signal risk.

    Learn how the Lookout Security Platform leverages global context and machine intelligence to predict mobile threats before they do harm.

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