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Energy industry threat report

Energy is now at the epicenter as more mobile devices are used than ever before. The already strained energy industry is a prime target for bad actors — with surging mobile phishing threats and an app encounter rate that is two times higher than the average of all other industries. Read about these trends from the past year, learn what they mean to you and find out how to better protect your organization.

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Digital transformation changes everything

The energy industry is in the midst of digital transformation. Across the board, organizations involved in the production, sale and distribution of energy are modernizing operations and shifting workloads to personal devices and the cloud in order to boost productivity and collaborate more efficiently with partners. At every step along the supply chain, the number of devices and apps connecting to sensitive data and governing operations is skyrocketing, as are cybersecurity and IT challenges.

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An unseen vulnerability can bring critical systems to a halt

As the industry revamps operational technologies (OT) for monitoring and controlling devices, assets and processes, supply chains have become complex ecosystems. Protecting these ecosystems from cyber threats can be challenging, especially for those coming through external systems. 

Consider, for instance, a mobile app interfacing with an IoT device out in the field. A bad actor could exploit vulnerabilities in the app to gain administrative privileges and take control of critical systems connected to the infected device. 

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Cybersecurity designed for today’s hybrid workplace

The modern, hybrid workplace where employees connect on any device from wherever they are — home, office or out in the field — is here to stay. Which means your business is no longer protected by legacy security solutions where it relies on networks and devices being under your control.  

By integrating endpoint security with secure access service edge (SASE), Lookout gives you the visibility and control needed to reduce your infrastructure’s exposure to security risks prevalent in today’s perimeter-less workplaces. We enable you to efficiently deploy a Zero Trust approach that secures sensitive data without hindering productivity. 

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