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Securing SAP SuccessFactors To Remain Compliant

Securing SAP SuccessFactors To Remain Compliant

To scale HR operations in the modern hybrid work environment, organizations everywhere rely on SAP SuccessFactors and its leading cloud-based human capital management (HCM) platform to recruit, onboard, evaluate, and manage employees from anywhere.

However, just like with any cloud application, SuccessFactors sidesteps traditional security solutions that are tethered to your office’s perimeter. With employees and HR admins alike accessing highly sensitive personal, financial and medical data in SuccessFactors from unmanaged devices and networks, your IT and security teams need to regain visibility and control over that data in order to mitigate risk to the greater organization.

Join us for this session to learn about how Lookout CASB is uniquely positioned through its partnership with SAP to:

  • Grant full visibility into how users interact with SuccessFactors
  • Classify, encrypt, and restrict sharing of data
  • Enforce granular and dynamic data access and management policies


  • Hank Schless, Senior Manager, Security Solutions
  • Madhu Dodda, Senior Manager, Product and Solution Engineering