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Protect data and control access with cloud-native, converged SASE and SSE from Lookout.

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Data-centric cloud security for protecting corporate data in the cloud, on-prem, or on devices.

Many organizations are looking to move security controls closer to the users, apps, and data they need to protect. Lookout provides a single, unified vantage point to effortlessly protect sensitive data in motion across apps, networks, and clouds.

Scalable and resilient cloud security for today's fluid, digital world.

Organizations everywhere have moved to the cloud. Now, they’re looking to unify existing point products with unified cloud security platforms that offer a complete stack of services that protect workers, devices, apps, and data. Make things easier with a comprehensive set of tools that provide single source, single proxy, single vantage point control for your cloud security.

Key benefits of SSE

A complete and a unified stack of security services allows customers to:

Provide a secure and productive environment for hybrid workforce

As a cloud native service, it sits inline with applications in the cloud and does not require backhauling, delivering a real time end user experience.

Modernize IT with a cloud-delivered unified platform

A unified, cloud-delivered platform minimizes management of security policies and does not require day to day maintenance thus providing time for IT to focus on strategic initiatives as well as on their professional growth.

Protect corporate data stored across multiple cloud platforms

As all the corporate traffic goes through this single proxy solution, it helps identify Shadow IT and empower end users to use sanctioned applications securely. It also inspects all the incoming and outgoing internet traffic for stopping and internet-based threats like ransomware.

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Integrations with major cloud apps

Secure Microsoft 365 and collaborate with confidence

Lookout CASB secures your email, collaboration apps and infrastructure with a dashboard purpose built for Microsoft 365. With this deep understanding, we enable you to implement Zero Trust.

Collaborate on Slack without compromising your data

Slack is one of the biggest catalysts for productivity. By knowing what’s happening with your users and data, Lookout CASB empowers your employees without sacrificing security.

Leverage SAP SuccessFactors to its fullest potential

Lookout CASB is uniquely built to handle SAP SuccessFactors. We are the only CASB integration with SAP and have our product listed on the SAP store.

Really Good Solution To Identify And Protect Sensitive Information

Based on my experience with the product, it has successfully met the expectations set by manufacturer. The integration process is straightforward, and it works smoothly with our cloud service.

Industry: Consumer Goods

Function: IT

Firm Size: 50M - 250M USD

November 17, 2023
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Modular And Reliable Service With A Great Support

great support, very good planning for the rollout, step by step approach to guarantee business continuity

Industry: Retail

Function: Head of IT

Firm Size: 50M - 250M USD

November 16, 2023
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Detect malicious activity at all levels on mobile devices

Lookout mobile endpoint provides services that solves ever-growing need for advanced security for mobile devices that are most vulnerable to attacks as user tends to open various links/website across any Wi-Fi. Using the platform malicious activity can be easily detected.

Industry: Software

Function: Engineering - Other

Firm Size: 3B - 10B USD

April 8, 2023
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