The Work-Life Mix-up: How to Stay Secure in the Hybrid Work Era

Workers’ attitudes toward work and technology have shifted, and with this, the security landscape has also changed.

Lookout Reimagined: The Freedom of Control

A company's brand is a signal to the world about their vision and commitment, and we are excited that Lookout is debuting a reimagined identity and position center.

Protecting Data & Promoting Collaboration During Times of Change

Organizations that try to keep using their perimeter-based security solutions are hindering their workers’ ability to collaborate while also losing a handle on their data.

Avoid a Meltdown by Modernizing IT Security

Organizations hold onto their outdated systems because they don’t see the sense in changing something that is working, but it only takes one change to cause a major meltdown.

Insurance and Regulations May Be Biggest Security Drivers of 2023

Digital transformation trends have created complex corporate infrastructures, which is forcing the security industry to rethink how they protect data.

A New Approach to Data Security for the New Year

Going into 2023, your organization should be laser-focused on identity and data, and the technologies that secure these elements will have to evolve.

A Security Work Stream Is Critical to IT Modernization

IT cloud modernization is a great way to drive sales growth, have the edge over your competitors, and boost your employees’ productivity while enabling greater collaboration.

Lookout & Fortra Partner to Secure Sensitive Data in Enterprise

We're excited to announce the integration of Titus and Boldon James, leading data classification systems from Fortra, with the Lookout security service edge (SSE) solution.

Lookout and HPE Aruba Announce Integrated SASE Architecture

With this partnership, customers can leverage two best-of-breed solutions to create an integrated, modern SASE architecture.

From Access-centric Security to Data-centric Security

With millions of cloud apps, why would we want to use the same access-centric security approach for today's infrastructure that we used in the nineties?

Q&A: Why Diversity in Cybersecurity Is So Important

In anticipation of the Day of Shecurity happening on December 8th, we sat down with Staff Security Intelligence Engineer, Kristina Balaam to get her take on diversity.

Five Steps Towards Building a Better Data Security Strategy

A unified edge security platform can give you the visibility and control you need to create a modern and efficient architecture for protecting users, applications and data.

Middle East is Getting a Little Cloudy: Thoughts from Gitex 2022

If you stroll around Gitex, you’ll find everything from flying cars, robotics, and environment controls to IT and security.

Four Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Security Posture

As your organization transforms its digital infrastructure, cybersecurity needs to go through the same transformation.

Social Engineering and VPN Access: The Making of a Modern Breach

It’s tough to find the silver lining in a security incident, but we can always do our best to learn from each one. Let’s take a look at what we can glean from the Uber breach.

Flexible, Edge-Directed Meshes: SASE is Future of Cybersecurity

A wrenching transference from on-premises to cloud-centric data security systems is gaining steam. Security teams are engaged in pushing cybersecurity out to the far edges.

Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption – Which is Best?

One of the basic questions in considering encryption is to understand the differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods, and where to apply each method.

How to Mitigate Risks When Your Data is Scattered Across Clouds

As you transition to the cloud, it’s critical to have a security solution equipped to handle the risks. A unified cloud-delivered security platform is the best solution.

Move On Up: Applying Zero Trust Design to the Office

When organizations switch offices to accommodate business needs, moving can be a major stressor for IT teams — but it doesn’t need to be.

Lookout Partners with Verizon Business Customers to Deliver SSE

Verizon has launched the Lookout suite of cloud security solutions to deliver security service edge (SSE) and ensure that customers can seamlessly secure their data and apps.

Work & Life Have Intertwined The Need to Protect Against Phishing

Don't bring your personal life into the office; don't bring your work stuff home — these were already difficult tasks prior to the 2020 pandemic.

Privacy, SSE Adoption: Takeaways From 2022 Gartner SRM in London

I had the privilege of attending a number of sessions, spending time talking with analysts and digesting some of the latest cybersecurity trends and strategies.

Journey Beyond the Perimeter: Firewalls Alone Can’t Protect Data

While firewalls are necessary, they aren’t sufficient. We need to evolve our security thinking from a perimeter, access control-centric view to a distributed data-centric one.

Fortify Your SD-WAN With SSE Integration

As organizations begin to combine legacy on-premises tools with cloud services, integrating SSE with existing SD-WAN will help address new cloud-based security challenges.

Comprehensive Security Solution for Protecting K-12 Student Data

K-12 school systems must eliminate the patchwork of solutions that fail to meet the depth and breadth of security requirements that accompany digital education.

Vodafone Bundles Lookout + Google Workspace for Small Businesses

Even before working from anywhere became the norm, organizations of every size were already becoming more reliant on mobile devices and productivity apps.

Higher Ed: Protecting Sensitive Data Requires a Unified Approach

Demands to protect systems and data are rising, as higher education institutions are now subject to more stringent cybersecurity and privacy expectations.

Protecting Data in Healthcare Systems Requires a Unified Approach

To ensure that they are protected against intrusion, compromise, disruption and data exfiltration, hospital systems need to rethink the way they deploy cybersecurity.

Zero Trust Texas: Lookout Receives TX-RAMP Level 2 Certification

With the TX-RAMP certification, Lookout offers a seamless path for all state entities to meet the OMB-mandated Zero Trust requirements.

Securing Cloud Usage When Shadow IT is the Norm

By harnessing the many powers of converged security, SSE diminishes the worries of the unknown – regaining visibility and control with granular policies.

Lookout Accelerates Ivanti Customers' Zero Trust Journey With SSE

We’re offering Ivanti customers the opportunity to smoothly transition into a Zero Trust security posture without leaving behind their existing tools.

How to Protect Your Data When Ransomware Strikes

A ransomware attack isn’t a single event; it’s persistent. To secure your organization, you need a full picture of what is happening with your endpoints, users, apps and data.

Data is Everywhere and Encryption Must Follow: Why You Need EDRM

Enforcing data access policies has become increasingly complicated. EDRM ensures that data boundaries are set dynamically, even when the data travels around freely.

Attention CISOs: the Board Doesn’t Care About Buzzwords

We live in an IT world surrounded by buzzwords that are largely marketing gimmicks. Zero Trust, for example, is a concept no one understands and is slapped onto everything.

Cyber Readiness and the Russia-Ukraine War

The cyber threats initially directed at Ukrainian government bodies and infrastructure could easily be targeted at other nations.

Security Service Edge (SSE) Is the Way To Go, but How to Choose?

Organizations need to streamline their security operations — that’s where SSE comes in. But not all products are made equal.

Lookout Obtains FedRAMP JAB P-ATO for SASE: What It Means for You

As the federal government continues to emphasize the importance of Zero Trust, Lookout has achieved a major milestone to aid in those efforts.

Lookout Named Visionary in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SSE

We believe our strong position in the “Completeness of Vision” axis demonstrates the alignment of the Lookout Platform with the market direction.

How to Protect Yourself from Supply Chain Attacks

To better understand these attacks, I invited Vodafone security experts Andy Deacon and Verity Carter-Johnson to the Lookout podcast.

How a Leading University Hospital Secures Patient Data

See how Lookout helped them protect their sensitive data and meet compliance regulations as they migrated to full cloud adoption.

How to Reduce Risk & Secure Data With Security Service Edge (SSE)

There’s a new acronym in town: SSE, which stands for Security Service Edge. If this looks similar to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), it’s because they are closely related.

How Financial Service Firm Prevents Email Data Leaks with Lookout

This large financial services firm needed to ensure they were protecting data in email without increasing complexity or limiting productivity.

Critical Capabilities of a Modern DLP

We discuss how modern DLP solutions, integrated in a cloud-delivered platform, can help organizations prevent data breaches while providing secure access to remote workers.

Four Ways to Assess Your Zero Trust Security Posture

While most of us understand Zero Trust conceptually, the path to Zero Trust is complex and constantly evolving. In this blog, I break down what is and what isn’t Zero Trust.

Start Your Zero Trust Journey With the Gartner® SASE Roadmap

Discover why companies need to embrace zero trust and the SASE convergence with a plan. Get started today with the Gartner SASE Roadmap.

Predictions 2022: Work-From-Anywhere Ends On-Premise Security

I believe that in 2022 we will see the beginning of the end of on-premises security tools, as isolated, point solutions running in data centers.

Our SASE Journey: Lookout Head of IT Talks Shop

To give you insight into how Lookout implements our SASE platform and how you can get started, we sat down with our director of IT systems...

Finding Patterns: User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Instead of relying on static security checks or staring continuously at the static, you can use automated security to look at user behaviors.

Zero Trust Requires Continuous Data and Endpoint Telemetry

By integrating our security and access platforms we are able to extend Lookout CCA and provide a modern approach to Zero Trust.

Go Cloud or Go Home: Advantage of Cloud-Delivered Cybersecurity

We discuss why on-premises solutions are no longer feasible in a remote-first environment and how Zero Trust can only be done by leveraging the power of the cloud.

Code Blue: Healthcare Security in the Age of 5G and Remote Work

Why were hospitals so frequently breached by attacks? To answer that question, I turned to an old friend of Lookout — former CISO Mike Murray.

Future of Cloud-Delivered Security: Lookout Acquires CipherCloud

Today Lookout announced that we’ve acquired CipherCloud, a leading cloud-native security company that operates in the emerging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) market.

On-Prem or Cloud? Lessons from the Microsoft Exchange Attack

Organizations utilize on-premise software because they want full control. But it actually increases their risks.

Why We Need More Women in Cybersecurity

As a member of the Lookout threat intelligence team, I’m often asked: “how do I break into the cybersecurity and IT industry?” I discuss this and more with Victoria Mosby.

Work Is No Longer Tethered to the Office. Neither Should Security

While work no longer revolves around an office space, security still does for many organizations. it’s time for us to fundamentally rethink how we secure our organizations.

The Tradition of Giving at Lookout

Our mission at the Lookout Foundation is to make meaningful differences around us – in the neighborhoods we live and in the industry we work.

CASB for Microsoft 365

Lookout CASB safeguards your Microsoft 365 data while boosting cloud productivity

CASB for Slack

Collaborate on Slack without compromising your data, empower digital communication without sacrificing security.

CASB for SAP SuccessFactors

Leverage SAP SuccessFactors to its fullest potential, meet strict privacy and data protection requirements.

Cloud Data Encryption

Encrypt your data in the cloud and keep the keys to assure security and compliance.

Lookout Data Loss Prevention

Full Visibility and Data Protection for Email, SaaS and IaaS Applications

Lookout Cloud Security Hands-on Labs

Learn and Build Your Own Data-Centric Cloud Security Solution

2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities Security Service Edge (SSE)

Lookout scored among the highest three vendors in all Use Cases in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities Security Service Edge (SSE).

The State of Remote Work Security 2023

Organizations need a new approach to security so that they can keep pace with the way remote users access data and collaborate with each other.

The Hybrid Work Dilemma: How to Securely Work From Anywhere

Read this e-book to know the shortcomings of legacy tools and what elements to keep track of to secure data amidst hybrid work.

Why Hybrid Work Requires a Data-Conscious Security Strategy

Read this e-book to learn about a data protection strategy that enables you to protect your data while maintaining the flexibility of hybrid work.

Minimize Risk To Your Data With End-to-End Visibility and Controls

Read this e-book to learn how the Lookout Cloud Security Platform can minimize risk regardless of where your data resides.

Securing Hybrid Work Requires Endpoint and Data Protection

Read this e-book to find a security solution that empowers users to be productive in a hybrid environment without risking your data.

Consolidating IT Security? Here’s Why You Need a Data-Centric Platform

Read this e-book to learn why Lookout’s endpoint-to-cloud approach is uniquely positioned to reduce the complexity of your IT security.

Standalone Tools Create Complexity: Why You Need to Simplify Security

Read this e-book to learn how to streamline your security operations by implementing an integrated, platform-centric security solution.

3 Ways Agencies Can Build Zero Trust In A Remote World

Discover how to make achieving zero trust a more digestible task for your government agency.

Modern Cybersecurity Solutions Must Include Data Protection

Enterprise Strategy Group's Jon Oltsik discusses the security landscape of today and why organizations need a data-centric cloud security.

Top Five Risks When Operating in the Cloud

Now that you’re operating in the cloud you need to be aware of the data security risks and take the appropriate steps to mitigate them.

Keep Your Data Protected from Adversarial Nation States and Governments

With security and data privacy at the center of public and private sector conversations, enterprise and government organizations look to each other for guidance.

Lookout Keeps Data Safe from China

Leveraging Lookout’s configurable Phishing and Content Protection configurable engine, organizations can block all traffic to specific domains, including Chinese owned ones.

How to Build an Effective Data Security Strategy

Five steps towards full visibility and control across your organization.

Enabling the U.S. Government To Achieve Zero Trust

In today’s environment, security teams cannot trust users that attempt to connect to their network, applications and data, even after they have authenticated.

Enabling the U.S. Government To Achieve Zero Trust

In today’s environment, security teams cannot trust users that attempt to connect to their network, applications and data, even after they have authenticated.

Lookout Fortune Article

Secure access service edge (SASE) solutions provide a competitive edge by optimizing network protection and performance.

Lookout Cloud Security Bundles

Lookout Cloud Security’s integrated endpoint-to-cloud platform provides visibility and realtime data and threat protection when accessing cloud services from anywhere.

Securing G Suite for the Mobile Workforce

This whitepaper provides a clear view of emerging information security challenges for organizations that have adopted GSuite as part of their remote collaboration strategy.

Total Protection for Salesforce

Lookout CASB+ for Salesforce provides unparalleled protection for your users and data, giving you complete control over user access, their activities and data access.

Integrating Security From Endpoint-to-Cloud

With data going wherever it’s needed, organizations require security that provides the visibility and control once existed inside the perimeter.

Lookout SASE Solution (SASE)

With digital collaboration skyrocketing, data now goes wherever it’s needed. To tap into this boosted productivity without risking your data, you must secure every endpoint.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Secure data from endpoint to cloud in a privacy respecting manner.

Lookout Cloud Key Security

Cloud key security management and storage of encryption keys can protect your mobile infrastructure connections across multiple virtual instances.

Post-Perimeter Security for Government

See surprising mobile device trends among federal employees and learn how to implement post-perimeter security at your organization.

How To Secure Your Post-Perimeter World

As employees continue to use a mix of managed and unmanaged devices to access corporate resources, the need for a new security architecture arises.