How to Build an Effective Data Security Strategy

Learn the key requirements you need to build an effective data security strategy.

A New Approach to Data Security for the New Year

Going into 2023, your organization should be laser-focused on identity and data, and the technologies that secure these elements will have to evolve.

From Access-Centric Security to Data-Centric Security

With millions of cloud apps, why would we want to use the same access-centric security approach for today's infrastructure that we used in the nineties?

Five Steps Towards Building a Better Data Security Strategy

A unified edge security platform can give you the visibility and control you need to create a modern and efficient architecture for protecting users, applications and data.

Lookout Helps Leading Fintech Company Improve Data Security and Compliance

See how Lookout helped a leading FinTech provider protect customer data and reach security compliance using Secure Cloud Access with DLP.

Improving Data Security for SaaS Apps | CASB

Today’s security practitioners need practical guidelines and technical capabilities that support their expanding SaaS usage.

Where in the World is Your Data? The Blind Spots Most Organizations Don't Know About

Data is now more valuable than ever. But many organizations don't have a full grasp of what data they actually have, where it’s stored, or who has access to it.

How APT 41 Is Using Mobile Devices to Target Your Organization

Join us for this exclusive partner security briefing for a breakdown of these threats and to see why they are now targeting mobile devices.

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