Lookout SWG: Protect Users and Data From Internet-Based Threats

Secure access to internet and SaaS applications with Lookout Secure Web Gateway
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Problems with the traditional approach to security in a cloud-first world

Workers remotely access cloud apps and data.This fundamental shift in how work gets done requires security controls to move to the cloud, as both the users and applications are more broadly exposed.
Appliance-based solutions cannot keep up with modern day cyber threats. Ransomware, zero-day exploits, and other advanced threats can bypass or overwhelm traditional solutions and give threat actors a backstage pass to your corporate infrastructure.
The hub-and-spoke model of securing web-based activity is no longer sufficient for today’s hybrid workforce. Networks that were designed this way are overwhelmed by their reliance on internet bound traffic, which creates a poor end user experience.

Why Lookout Secure Web Gateway?

The most powerful unified platform for hybrid workforce

Lookout Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is part of the industry’s leading unified security platform that enables you to securely leverage cloud apps and services while protecting all users, applications and data regardless of location, device or identity.

Single proxy, cloud-scale architecture prevents threats

Lookout SWG integrates with industry leading threat intelligence engines, and inspects all internet traffic to discover and remove any hidden malware content including ransomware, zero day and other advanced threats.

Seamless access with unified policy controls

Lookout SWG is part of a cloud-native single proxy architecture that provides a single policy framework to simplify management for IT across cloud apps, private apps and internet traffic.

Lookout SWG

Protect against malicious websites and content

Lookout Secure Web Gateway is a cloud delivered web proxy built on the principles of zero trust. It protects users, underlying networks, and corporate data from internet-based threats with a single proxy architecture offering security controls in inline and API mode. With the ability to inspect all incoming and outgoing web traffic for malicious content, it enables always-on security, simplifies IT, and provides the best user experience.

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URL and content filtering

Control which websites your employees and guest users can access to block internet-borne malware, viruses, and phishing sites. Access can be based on known malicious or phishing site, or on categories of sites from the Lookout Security Graph. 

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) enforcement

Enforce AUPs by performing web filtering to restrict access to websites that are deemed inappropriate, unsafe, or outside of acceptable use. You can easily define AUPs with categorization fed by millions of websites and can also set explicit allow or deny lists by creating your own custom categories and lists.

Security Authentication failed on computer
Coworkers collaborate on project via the cloud

TLS/SSL interception

The single proxy architecture allows all the connections to be inspected inline for any malicious content hiding in encrypted Internet traffic, and without any service chaining. This improves performance and delivers a better end user experience. 

The Lookout difference

Single Platform, Single Proxy, and Single Agent
A unified platform approach allows consistent and granular policy framework, improving security and delivering a great end user experience
Web Application Control
Using intelligence from the Lookout Security Graph to control how users can access sanctioned and unsanctioned apps. This is critical to preventing shadow IT. Automatic discovery of what apps are being used enables admins to implement data loss prevention (DLP) controls.
Built for the Cloud
Secure your workforce, access to private apps, and protect data across multi-cloud environments without any on-prem appliance based solution.
Lookout Platform Diagram

Use cases for Lookout SWG

Protect your hybrid workforce

Empower your users, contractors, partners, and vendors to securely access the internet without exposing them to internet based threats. Security policies are enforced based on user context like location, device posture and a user’s risk score.

Enforce cloud governance

For companies looking to maintain compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS, HIPAA and CIPA, Lookout SWG provides policies that enable you to define and enforce security policies adhering to these requirements.

Monitor and assess risk

Gain visibility into usage of the internet as well as sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications to understand your risk exposure. Lookout helps admins build granular adaptive access controls for the internet and allows for secure use of unsanctioned SaaS applications.

Protect your corporate data

Protect data stored in sanctioned, unsanctioned or personal cloud apps from being exposed to theft, accidental data loss, ransomware, or any unauthorized access.

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