4 Must-Have Capabilities Your SaaS Security Needs to Protect Cloud Data

How Safe Is Your Data? Discover the must-have cybersecurity capabilities needed to protect your organization's data in the cloud.

Gartner Peer Community - Data Protection Report

Understand how IT and security leaders are faring amidst an accelerated digital transformation and hybrid work adoption.

Critical Mobile Phishing Trends

Remote work and BYOD have caused the number of employee phishing victims to rise at an alarming rate.

2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities Security Service Edge (SSE)

Lookout scored among the highest three vendors in all Use Cases in the 2023 Gartner® Critical Capabilities Security Service Edge (SSE).

Exclusive Partner Briefing: How Are Chinese Apps Affecting Your Customer’s Data Risk Exposure?

Recent global scrutiny of mobile apps developed by Chinese entities has put a spotlight on data collection capabilities & risk to all organizations.

The State of Remote Work Security 2023

Organizations need a new approach to security so that they can keep pace with the way remote users access data and collaborate with each other.

Consolidating IT Security? Here’s Why You Need a Data-Centric Platform

Read this e-book to learn why Lookout’s endpoint-to-cloud approach is uniquely positioned to reduce the complexity of your IT security.

Securing Hybrid Work Requires Endpoint and Data Protection

Read this e-book to find a security solution that empowers users to be productive in a hybrid environment without risking your data.

Standalone Tools Create Complexity: Why You Need to Simplify Security

Read this e-book to learn how to streamline your security operations by implementing an integrated, platform-centric security solution.

The Hybrid Work Dilemma: How to Securely Work From Anywhere

Read this e-book to know the shortcomings of legacy tools and what elements to keep track of to secure data amidst hybrid work.

Why Hybrid Work Requires a Data-Conscious Security Strategy

Read this e-book to learn about a data protection strategy that enables you to protect your data while maintaining the flexibility of hybrid work.

Modern Cybersecurity Solutions Must Include Data Protection

Enterprise Strategy Group's Jon Oltsik discusses the security landscape of today and why organizations need a data-centric cloud security.

Top Five Risks When Operating in the Cloud

Now that you’re operating in the cloud you need to be aware of the data security risks and take the appropriate steps to mitigate them.

CASB Buyer’s Guide

CASBs deliver cloud-specific security capabilities that traditional perimeter-focused products can’t. IT leaders need to understand what they are getting with a CASB product.

Strengthening Cloud Security With SASE

Learn how to roll out a SASE deployment at scale while taking into account current security practices, trends, and pertinent questions that every security leader needs to ask.

Healthcare’s Post-Transformation Agenda

How does this new world of telehealth change how healthcare security leaders must view cybersecurity? Tom Field of Information Security Media Group discusses how.

SASE Strategy Guidebook

If you are looking to build your SASE Strategy for your entire organization’s using true cloud security protection, then you don't want to miss these handpicked insights.

Endpoint-to-Cloud Whitepaper

You need visibility and control of your data across users, devices and networks. See how Lookout is changing the mobile threat landscape today.

3 Tough Questions About Your Data Protection

Here are three questions to think about when it comes to protecting your on-premise data.

Total Protection for Salesforce

Lookout CASB+ for Salesforce provides unparalleled protection for your users and data, giving you complete control over user access, their activities and data access.

The Authoritative Guide to the Top CASB Use Cases

This whitepaper will share insight into the key use cases and overview the benefits that provide a strong return on investment for CASB✛ users.

Integrating Security From Endpoint-to-Cloud

With data going wherever it’s needed, organizations require security that provides the visibility and control once existed inside the perimeter.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Secure data from endpoint to cloud in a privacy respecting manner.

KuppingerCole Report: Market Compass

See why KuppingerCole Market Compass positioned Lookout CASB as the most advanced and all-encompassing CASB solutions on the market.

Lookout Cloud Key Security

Cloud key security management and storage of encryption keys can protect your mobile infrastructure connections across multiple virtual instances.

How Lookout Protects Employee Location Data

With the world’s largest mobile data set, the Lookout Cloud Security shows that more than 40% of new Android apps in 2019 collected specific user location data.

Lookout + AT&T FirstNet for Emergency Responders

By tampering with medical records and information systems, cybercriminals can have devastating effects on people in need of emergency care.

Lookout for Hospital Systems

Security teams must extend their security strategy from traditional endpoints out to the mobile devices that are used by staff to access patient charts and other PII.

How We Protect Pharmaceutical Companies

Secure your supply chain by protecting your mobile endpoints.

Lookout for Retailers

As more retail organizations embrace a cash register-less mode, in store retail is embracing the post-perimeter world.

Lookout Secures the Small Business Mobile Workforce

While they may recognize the risk, smaller organizations are focused on scaling the business, and can’t allocate large amounts of time to cybersecurity.

Post-Perimeter Security for Government

See surprising mobile device trends among federal employees and learn how to implement post-perimeter security at your organization.

How Lookout Protects Executives

Organization’s most sensitive data, financial performance, product pricing, and corporate development plans are regularly being accessed from smartphones and tablets.

How Lookout Secures Microsoft Teams

Lookout has integrated with Microsoft Intune to provide Continuous Conditional Access for mobile Office 365 apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

How Lookout Protects Against iOS Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking gives users complete access to everything on the device and free reign to modify security and access settings as they would like.

Lookout for Government Field Agents

Systems accessed remotely by agents contain sensitive government data, which could be used to compromise the financial well-being, privacy, and identity of US citizens.

How Lookout Protects Law Firm Client Cloud Data

A large amount of information law firms are required to keep confidential is accessed outside the four walls of a firm, outside the reach of traditional security tools.

Why Deploying MTD and EMM Together Makes Sense

Employees are frequently working from mobile devices, organizations must provide mobile employees secure and flexible access to cloud-based enterprise data.

Lookout for Financial Services

As financial professionals increasingly conduct business from mobile devices, sensitive information continues to flow beyond the reach of traditional security perimeters.

Lookout for Healthcare

Security attacks are becoming more prevalent. It’s necessary to protect against these attacks while simultaneously strengthening the organization’s compliance posture.

Data Protection on the Internet: Data Leakage Prevention for ChatGPT, Bard, Generative AI, and Shadow IT

Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bard have emerged as a new frontier of shadow IT, creating a new data protection challenge.

Cloud Application Security: What Every Organization Needs to Know About Protecting Data in SaaS Apps

IT teams must find a way to secure SaaS apps, and existing security solutions simply aren’t designed to protect sensitive data in the cloud.

Protecting Data and Promoting Collaboration During Times of Change

Organizations that try to keep using their perimeter-based security solutions are hindering their workers’ ability to collaborate while also losing a handle on their data.

Mitigating Cloud Supply-Chain Risk: Office 365 and Azure Exploited in Massive U.S Government Hack

According to SolarWinds filings with the SEC, the involved attackers were able to compromise the company’s Microsoft Office 365 emails with forged SAML tokens.

Lookout and Fortra Partner to Secure Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

We're excited to announce the integration of Titus and Boldon James, leading data classification systems from Fortra, with the Lookout security service edge (SSE) solution.

How to Mitigate Risks When Your Data is Scattered Across Clouds

As you transition to the cloud, it’s critical to have a security solution equipped to handle the risks. A unified cloud-delivered security platform is the best solution.

Privacy, SSE Adoption: My Takeaways From the 2022 Gartner SRM in London

I had the privilege of attending a number of sessions, spending time talking with analysts and digesting some of the latest cybersecurity trends and strategies.

My Journey Beyond the Perimeter: Why Firewalls Alone Can’t Protect Your Data

While firewalls are necessary, they aren’t sufficient. We need to evolve our security thinking from a perimeter, access control-centric view to a distributed data-centric one.

Fortify Your SD-WAN With SSE Integration

As organizations begin to combine legacy on-premises tools with cloud services, integrating SSE with existing SD-WAN will help address new cloud-based security challenges.

Protecting K-12 Student Data and Complying With Privacy Standards Requires a Comprehensive Security Solution

K-12 school systems must eliminate the patchwork of solutions that fail to meet the depth and breadth of security requirements that accompany digital education.

Higher Ed Campuses Have Digitized: Protecting Sensitive Data Requires a Unified Approach

Demands to protect systems and data are rising, as higher education institutions are now subject to more stringent cybersecurity and privacy expectations.

Lookout Helps Leading Fintech Company Improve Data Security and Compliance

See how Lookout helped a leading FinTech provider protect customer data and reach security compliance using Secure Cloud Access with DLP.

Lookout Helps a Large Oil Company Migrate to Cloud-Based Software

Lookout helped to implement granular access control for sensitive HR data, achieve compliance, and prevent malware from being uploaded to their infrastructure.

How to Reduce Risk and Secure Data With Security Service Edge (SSE)

There’s a new acronym in town: SSE, which stands for Security Service Edge. If this looks similar to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), it’s because they are closely related.

How a Financial Services Firm Prevents Email Data Leakage with Lookout

This large financial services firm needed to ensure they were protecting data in email without increasing complexity or limiting productivity.

Securing SAP SuccessFactors – Protecting Human Capital

Organizations require tighter controls to protect their multi-cloud environments and data from potential data leaks or breaches due to misconfigurations.

Improving Data Security for SaaS Apps | CASB

Today’s security practitioners need practical guidelines and technical capabilities that support their expanding SaaS usage.

4 Best Practices for Securing Enterprise Data in MSFT 365

How to address O365 and Teams security issues.

Exclusive Threat Briefing: CryptoChameleon Phishing Kit

Threat actors are targeting mobile devices more aggressively to compromise employee accounts and quietly gain access to your cloud infrastructure.

The Modern Kill Chain: Why Attacks Have Gone From Months to Minutes

Cloud breaches are now happening in minutes, not months.

Protect Your Agency's Data from Adversarial States and Governments

Learn from our security experts how to stop phishing attacks and restrict apps that communicate with foreign adversarial nation states.

The Missing Piece In Your Data Protection Strategy: Mobile Devices

Discover how to evolve your security strategy to protect your data at every stage of the kill chain regardless of where it’s stored.

Exclusive Partner Briefing: How Are Chinese Apps Affecting Your Customer’s Data Risk Exposure?

Recent global scrutiny of mobile apps developed by Chinese entities has put a spotlight on data collection capabilities & risk to all organizations.

Everyone Talks About TikTok but Here’s Why BYOD Is the Real Threat

How to effectively stop phishing attacks at the mobile device level and restrict usage of apps that pose a growing threat to your data and workforce.

Google + Lookout | Data Security For Your Cloud

Watch this webinar and hear case studies that exhibit how Lookout and Google partner to protect customers.

Building A Data-Centric Security Strategy for Your Business

Users and the applications they depend on are more widely distributed than ever, and threats continue to evolve. But “lock it down” no longer works for your business.

Protect Cloud Data in the Wake of the Pfizer Data Leak

We often associate breaches with corporate espionage and threat groups, but as the Pfizer IP leak incident showed, cloud connectivity has actually amplified security gaps.

What To Consider When Assessing a CASB

Gartner found CASB to be the fastest-growing cyber security segment, with investment increasing by 41.2% (2021 CIO Agenda Survey).

Securing SAP SuccessFactors To Remain Compliant

Join us for this session to learn about how Lookout CASB is uniquely positioned through its partnership with SAP

Prevent Data Leakage From Productivity Tools

Hank Schless, Senior Manager of Security Solutions at Lookout, will be joined by guest speakers to help you navigate integrated endpoints to cloud security.

Empowering Financial Services With a Secure Data Path

Visibility into mobile threats is key to protecting your valuable data from today's complex attacks. Discover more with Lookout today.

Lookout + CipherCloud: The Future of Cloud-Delivered Security

The need for an integrated endpoint-to-cloud security solution is accelerated by the proliferation of remote users. Join us to learn more.

Mobile Devices Are Leaving the Door Open to Cyberattackers

Your employees are using personal mobile devices for work and corporate mobile devices for personal use - an attack on a mobile device is an attack on your corporate data.

Risky Business – Securing Your Mobile Apps

Join us to learn how Salesforce is partnering with Lookout to provide comprehensive embedded app defense security to protect your employee and customer data.

Apps Under Attack – What You Need To Know

Lookout Threat Discovery and how you can protect yourself from compromise.

Lookout & Microsoft Integration for a Secure Mobile Workforce

Leveraging the Microsoft Endpoint Manager App Protection with Lookout capability, organizations can provide secure access to O365 and Teams apps from personal devices.

Secure Your Mobile Workforce

Allowing employees to work productively from any device and any location can open users to the risks that come with the shared nature of a mobile device.

5 Minute Friday: Red Alert-Rocket Alerts | A Malicious Threat Exploiting Societal Disruption

In this episode of Five Minute Friday, we discuss how societal disruption creates opportunities for malicious actors to exploit people's uncertainties

5 Minute Friday: Unveiling Infamous Chisel, Sandworm, and Deblind

Discover how the Russian APT group, Sandworm, known for major international cyberattacks, ventured into mobile surveillance with Infamous Chisel.

5 Minute Friday: Scattered Spider, MGM, and Caesars

Caesars Entertainment and MGM resorts were recently a target for a well-known cybercrime group, Scattered Spider. Listen to this week’s 5 Minute Friday to learn about these attacks, how this group operates, and what you can do to avoid your organization being the next target.

Soap Suds: Protect Your Data From Risky Apps Like TikTok

Recent hype around Chinese apps TikTok and Pinduoduo has put a spotlight on the risk surrounding mobile apps. In this quick-fire Soap Suds episode, host Hank Schless discusses the concerns behind these Chinese apps and highlights the reasons why organizations need to keep tabs on mobile apps in general to minimize the risk to their data.

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