The Work-Life Mix-up: How to Stay Secure in the Hybrid Work Era

Workers’ attitudes toward work and technology have shifted, and with this, the security landscape has also changed.

BYOD Increases Mobile Phishing Rates, and the Risks Have Never Been Higher

We've just published our Global State of Mobile Phishing report, which explores phishing trends and the risk they present to both your data and your financial bottom line.

Protecting Data and Promoting Collaboration During Times of Change

Organizations that try to keep using their perimeter-based security solutions are hindering their workers’ ability to collaborate while also losing a handle on their data.

Organizations Are Banning TikTok. Should You Do the Same?

The popular social media app TikTok has come up time and time again when discussing data privacy concerns. Now, state governments are banning it from government-owned devices.

BYOD and Phishing Attacks: Top Threats Facing US Government

Lookout recently released our 2022 US Government Threat Report and we've picked out the main takeaways about the top threats currently facing U.S. government organizations.

Work and Life Have Intertwined: Why You Need to Protect Against Phishing

Don't bring your personal life into the office; don't bring your work stuff home — these were already difficult tasks prior to the 2020 pandemic.

How a Hybrid Approach Helped a Hospital System Leverage Existing Investments and Secure Cloud-Based Tools

Lookout helped this large university health system augment their legacy DLP tool by extending their reach to the cloud so they can remain compliant.

How Lookout Enforces Consistent Policies Across a Hybrid Cloud and Keeps Patient Data Secure

See how Lookout helped them protect their sensitive data and meet compliance regulations as they migrated to full cloud adoption.

Code Blue: Healthcare Security in the Age of 5G and Remote Work

Why were hospitals so frequently breached by attacks? To answer that question, I turned to an old friend of Lookout — former CISO Mike Murray.

The Federal Office Has a New Look: Here’s How to Keep it Secure

To fully secure a telework environment, agencies need to tackle two objectives – mobile threat awareness and a comprehensive mobile endpoint security strategy.

How to Pragmatically Embrace Mobility in Response to a Remote Workforce

The Coronavirus has impacted businesses and employees in a myriad of ways, and one common thread is the sudden need for employees to work remotely.

How to Embrace Mobility in Response to a Remote Workforce

Because of Coronavirus, organizations may want to rush into adopting a BYOD program so that employees can work more effectively from home. But what about the new risks?

Securing Enterprise Mobility Is Driving Record Growth at Lookout

Controlling mobile access to corporate data is a top priority and proactive CISOs are selecting Lookout to accelerate secure mobility in the workplace.

Everyone Talks About TikTok but Here’s Why BYOD Is the Real Threat

How to effectively stop phishing attacks at the mobile device level and restrict usage of apps that pose a growing threat to your data and workforce.

Mobile Security for State and Local Agencies

Lookout Security expert Jose Garcia covers strategies for Mobile Endpoint Security and provides information on mobile security, BYOAD, and the emerging threat landscape.

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