Airbus Deploys Lookout to >100,000 Global Workforce


How Lookout Helped







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The Solution

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES)

Advanced mobile Endpoint Detection & Response powered by data from 185M+ apps and 200M+ devices on iOS, Android, ChromeOS.

The Challenge — Reduce Mobile Cyber Risk

In the wake of COVID-19, work paradigms are changing, and large enterprises must adapt to a more remote, distributed, and hybrid work environment that relies more on mobile devices, where reliance on mobile devices has increased. To maintain a fully integrated security ecosystem for its fleet of corporate iOS and Android endpoints, Airbus extended zero trust access and proactively monitored threats while protecting these devices from an ever-expanding array of risk.

Zero trust and mobile security have always been core activities at the heart of Airbus’ digital transformation and mobile connectivity strategy.

Airbus has always implemented the most comprehensive security measures to protect its corporate-managed mobile endpoints. However, the impact of the pandemic on the corporate working environment has meant that the zero trust scope has been enlarged to manage security across a variety of corporate devices, while securing both company- and employee-owned mobile endpoints with a consistent security and deployment model.

The Solution

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security was deployed to more than 100,000 Airbus corporate iOS and Android endpoints. Stringent mobile access policies were implemented via Lookout Continuous Conditional Access — enabling zero trust across every mobile device for all cloud-based corporate data.

Moreover, to protect against even the most evasive mobile threats, robust detection and protection capabilities were implemented throughout the organization, while maintaining the alignment with ever-shifting compliance and data sovereignty standards.

The Lookout team provided Airbus with the right level of dedicated support needed to manage its large-scale deployment. Employee education from Lookout was straightforward for technical and non-technical users alike, with in-app Lookout educational resources and close engagement from the Lookout support team.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is powered by the Lookout Security Graph, which analyzes telemetry data from more than 200 million devices and 150 million apps, and continuously ingests and analyzes millions of URLs every day. By using machine intelligence, Lookout secures organizations against phishing, app, device and network threats in a manner that respects user privacy. The use of machine learning on data in the Lookout Security Graph enables Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security to automatically detect and respond to threats even if they have never been seen before.

Lookout enables the protection of all employees throughout the full lifecycle of the user and device. This ensures that users do not fall prey to any mobile threats, whether they be manin-the-middle attacks, connections to rogue Wi-Fi networks, jailbreak vulnerabilities, or more; and that any non-compliant or malicious behavior — at both the device and application level — is automatically identified and remediated on the device and alerted to the Airbus security operations team.

The Results

  • Zero trust was extended to corporate data over email, collaborative and home-built apps while maintaining a balance between security and operational efficiency
  • Secure mobile endpoints against mobile cyber threats, while providing proactive visibility, detection, and remediation against and protection against any potential emerging threats
  • Smooth deployment to its fleet of more than 100,000 corporate endpoints from a cloud-based platform
  • Provide an easy-to-use, non-intrusive interface for employees who work in the field

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security was deployed to more than 100,000 Airbus corporate iOS and Android endpoints.