Adopt the Cloud Faster While Improving Productivity and Security

Deploy data-centric cloud security platform to ensure your cloud deployments are not misconfigured, discover and protect data stored in the cloud and SaaS apps, and provide visibility and control, while improving IT efficiency and user experience.

The race to migrate to the cloud has exposed sensitive business data.

of companies that experienced a cloud breach cite misconfiguration as a top security threat.
of organizations that fail to control public cloud use will inappropriately share sensitive data.
of IT leaders say sensitive corporate data is exposed in the cloud.
On average, Lookout SSE solutions can save organizations 20-25% over other vendors.*

Cloud migrations need to be strategically planned.

A multi-cloud strategy is best for an organization but that often does not include the IT security strategy and how it aligns with cloud use cases.

Misconfigurations greatly increase security risks

Discovery and configuration of cloud and SaaS resources is complex and any errors can lead to security and compliance breaches.

Many on-prem resources lack integrations.

Without integrations your existing on-prem infrastructure investments go to waste, limiting your visibility into the cloud and diminishing ROI.

SaaS apps improve organizational productivity while creating new challenges. Untrusted networks and unmanaged devices have made cloud security critical for IT, since traditional solutions can’t fully protect apps and data beyond on-prem perimeters.

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