Detect and Mitigate Cyber Threats in Real Time

A complete and integrated stack of endpoint-to-cloud security services to monitor and prevent cyber threats faster and easier, all controlled from a single vantage point.

Cyber security risk mitigation is one of the highest priorities for executives.

of companies say their IT departments aren’t sophisticated enough to handle advanced cyber threats.
of security leaders say shifting to the cloud has left their organizations more vulnerable to software supply chain cyber attacks.
Total reported losses by US businesses due to cybercrime in 2021.
of US businesses have not updated their key threat detection strategies since the proliferation of remote work.

On-prem or siloed cloud security isn't effective.

On-prem or silioed security controls aren't close enough to cloud apps, leaving cloud data exposed to accidental or malicious misuse or unauthorized access.

Ineffective policies increase data security risk.

A lack of granular data security policies make on-prem solutions more vulnerable to attacks, and cannot effectively detect any Shadow IT.

Security vendors are not all the same.

Point products are hard to manage, create security gaps, and deliver poor user experience.

With the move to cloud and hybrid workforces, cyber threats have increased dramatically. Legacy solutions aren’t able to prevent breaches across exponentially increasing threat surfaces, or scale effectively to handle increased workloads.

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