Maintaining Compliance No Longer Needs To Be Labor and Time Intensive

Easily achieve your compliance and security goals across endpoints, and across all clouds, even with industry and location specific regulatory and compliance challenges.

As organizations move to the cloud, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other non-compliance risks have become overwhelming.

of enterprises are already at risk. Security execs say data on private devices increase GDPR and other non-compliance risks.
of employees with the title of Vice President or higher say their mobile devices have been hacked or compromised.
of employees access customer, partner, and employee data on their mobile device, increasing the chances of a breach.
is how often we scan 210+ million devices, 17k+ SaaS applications, and 170 million mobile apps to protect our customers.

Compliance has become far more complex.

Maintaining compliance while protecting workers from threats like phishing and ransomware is a big task, and on-prem appliances are falling short.

Cloud and SaaS apps add another layer of complexity.

Traditional on-prem solutions can’t protect or even discover data storage locations in the cloud, which falls well short of compliance requirements.

Traditional solutions restrict collaboration.

Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements is challenging when on-prem tools make it hard to see and monitor data stored in cloud apps.

Compliance mandates such as GDPR have forced organizations to reshape their approach to data protection and privacy, not just for IT but for the entire organization.

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