Deliver Seamless, Secure Connectivity to Your Employees in China with Lookout China Connect

Cut through the regulatory complexity and enable secure, reliable access to the internet and corporate resources for your users in China.

Cloud security close to your users

Global organizations rely on secure, low latency connectivity to ensure a consistent user experience and maintain productivity — regardless of user location. The Lookout Cloud Security Platform provides organizations with employees in China secure access to corporate applications and data, protection from internet-based threats, and compliance with Chinese regulations.

With a point-of-presence (PoP) based in Beijing and another one planned for the Ningxia region, Lookout ensures that all internet traffic remains local with security controls closer to the users, apps, and data you need to protect.

Increase Productivity

Provide a better experience for your users with secure, reliable access to global websites and corporate apps.

Reduce Complexity

Simplify your IT security and management and ensure compliance with Chinese regulations.

Improve Security

Protect users, devices, and data while aligning with China's country-specific security policies.

Minimize Cost

Eliminate the need for costly hardware investments and reduce operational costs to your organization.

How we do it

  • Internet traffic inspected by Lookout and sent to local ISP, which is subject to China Firewall rules
  • SaaS traffic inspected by Lookout and sent to local ISP, which is subject to China Firewall rules
  • Enterprise app traffic inspected by Lookout and sent to data center
  • For Chinese restricted applications (like Google Workspace), utilize a customer approved lease line
Lookout China POP


A local and highly available node within China gives your users a better experience. By avoiding re-routing traffic to other locations or backhauling to your headquarters, we reduce latency and improve overall performance.

Data Protection

Provide easy access to apps without the need for a VPN or on-premises web proxies. We enforce zero-trust policies that reduce risk and protect data, while enabling seamless access.


Provide secure access to international websites and protect users from internet threats like malware and zero-day exploits.


Contain internet traffic within China, ensuring that you stay compliant with Chinese regulations.

Enhance user experience and your security operations in China

Internet users in China deserve the ability to connect, communicate, and access online resources freely, without compromising on security or privacy.

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