Break Free of Your On-premises Secure Web Gateway

Secure your hybrid workforce and reduce cost with a cloud-native SWG. How can you stop data leakage to the internet if you’re not aware of it?

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Why is it time to rethink your internet access and data protection?

Poor User Experience

Backhauling your internet traffic through your on-premises SWG degrades performance, especially for remote users.

Stop backhauling, and get rapid response and security in the cloud.

Lacks Data Protection

You can’t stop what you can’t see. Your hybrid workforce’s personal cloud apps are the latest frontier of Shadow IT.

Know where your data is going so you can prevent a data leak to the internet.

Complicated Maintenance

Support tickets create headaches for your IT staff, disaster recovery is more complex, and maintenance is time-consuming.

Stop wasting time and resources supporting on-premises SWG.

Break free from your legacy SWG, and start protecting your data and users with Lookout.

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Faster Response Time

Our single-proxy, single-agent architecture optimizes traffic routing to all your internet destinations while delivering the most effective data security and enhancing the end user experience.

Robust Data Security

We inspect and take action on internet traffic in real-time, preventing sensitive data from accidentally or intentionally leaking to social websites and personal web apps, reducing the risk of data leakage.

Simplified Management

Lookout enables admins to apply unified security policies across all cloud services — internet, SaaS apps, private apps, and email, simplifying IT administration to reduce cost and complexity while improving security.

Why replacing your on-premises SWG with a cloud-native solution makes sense.

The Challenges
On-premises SWG
Lookout Secure Internet Access
Enable your Workforce to Securely Work From Anywhere
On-premises SWG
Traffic from remote workers must be backhauled through an on-premises SWG for policy enforcement, adding latency and degrading the user experience.
Lookout Secure Internet Access
Lookout improves end user experience and security with a cloud native unified platform. Policy enforcement is done in the cloud without backhauling, resulting in an excellent end user experience.
Dynamically visualize, detect, and minimize data risk
On-premises SWG
Your on-premises SWG has limited visibility into where your sensitive data is going. Data leakage to the Internet presents a significant risk.
Lookout Secure Internet Access
With a unified platform that includes endpoint and data protection, Lookout can detect and prevent both accidental and malicious data exfiltration to the Internet.
Reduce the Cost and Complexity of IT Security
On-premises SWG
Maintaining your on-premises SWG appliance requires you to apply software patches, upgrade hardware, reconfigure networking, ensure high availability, and integrate with other solutions. It’s a lot of work. It’s expensive.
Lookout Secure Internet Access
Lookout refocuses IT resources towards enabling its remote workforce and improving the organization’s risk posture, instead of juggling the complexity that comes from managing on-premises security products.

Clients looking for a comprehensive SSE solution should consider Lookout.

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Totally satisfied. Starting using their products long back and I was never disappointed.

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Lookout included in ‘Best Zero Trust Security Solutions for 2022’

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