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The Myths and Psychology of Ransomware Attacks

The Myths and Psychology of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is not a new threat, but the tactics attackers are using to access your data have evolved. The need to support a hybrid workforce and with data no longer sitting behind a perimeter has exposed you to new risks, which has been seen by the increase in the volume and severity of ransomware attacks.

In 2021, IDC* found that 37% of organizations reported a ransomware attack so being educated is key to mitigation.

Watch now to learn about the myths and psychology behind ransomware attacks and how you can mitigate risk with Microsoft Chief Security Advisor, Sarah Armstrong-Smith. You’ll learn:

  • What tactics attackers are using to manipulate you
  • How you can recover your information securely following an attack
  • What strategies you can employ to protect your organization

* IDC 2021 Ransomware Study

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