Data now goes wherever it’s needed

The office of today no longer resides within your perimeter security. Productivity has skyrocketed thanks to cloud apps and mobile devices, enabling your employees to work from anywhere and on any device. But people are increasingly using personal devices and networks you don’t control, which leaves your security in the dark as to what’s happening to your users and data.

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Your hybrid workers are beyond the reach of perimeter security

With many organizations supporting a hybrid approach to work, the need for security that works from anywhere becomes critical. With cloud apps and personal devices, your data now travels wherever it’s needed. This significantly increases the risk of data breaches, compliance failures and loss of sensitive information. In this new remote-first environment, you have lost visibility and control you had inside a security perimeter.

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Protect your data from anywhere

To securely empower your workers to stay productive from anywhere, you need security that covers your organization from endpoint to cloud. To ensure your data is secure and that you comply with regulations, you need visibility into how your users behave, the endpoints they use, what data you own and how it’s handled.

Lookout provides a platform that integrates secure access service edge (SASE) and endpoint security. By delivering the protection capabilities you had within a perimeter from the cloud, we enable you to regain full control over your data. With our integrated platform, you know exactly what your users need and the types of data you own, so you can provide dynamic and granular Zero Trust access.

Key solutions to empower secure productivity from any device

Secure the endpoint your remote workers uses the most

Mobile devices are a big part of how your workers stay productive away from the office. Safeguard your data by ensuring these devices stay secure.

Safeguard my mobile endpoints

Modernize secure connectivity to on-prem apps

Apps in your data center don't have the security and controls your employees need as they work remotely. Modernize these apps so your data stays safe.

Replace my VPN

Protect your data in SaaS apps

Lookout monitors the movement of your organization’s data across cloud and on premises apps, regardless of where your employees are working or the device they use.

Provide precise cloud access

Secure your data from email to SaaS and IaaS applications

Your data now travels from email to cloud apps and infrastructure. To safeguard your data you need to stay in control, regardless of where your employees work or the device they use to access.

Secure my data with DLP

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Lookout now delivers integrated security from endpoint to cloud

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