Stop Mobile Phishing From Penetrating Your Infrastructure

Mobile has made phishing more lucrative

Tablets and smartphones have enabled us to quickly get work done and manage personal responsibilities. But these devices have also opened up countless opportunities for attackers to send phishing attacks. It’s not just email anymore. SMS, messaging apps or even dating apps have created countless channels to deliver an attack. It doesn't help that mobile devices have smaller screens and a simplified user experience that obfuscate telltale signs of a phishing attack.

The ability to stop phishing is your first line of defense — especially mobile targeting attacks. It only takes one mistake — a single link click or a file download — to lead to a ransomware attack or a data breach. Once malware is delivered or credentials are stolen, attackers can use the compromised device and accounts to move laterally and compromise your sensitive resources.

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Enable you to work freely and securely on your mobile

Your employees want to leverage their mobile devices without needing to worry about every message that comes to their tablet, smartphone or Chromebook. They also expect organizations to respect their personal privacy.

The Lookout Phishing and Content Protection module can efficiently secure against phishing threats. We can detect phishing attacks from any mobile channel in a privacy-aware manner regardless of whether the device is managed or not. We leverage crowdsourced data and machine intelligence to automatically detect and respond to phishing threats, both known and unknown.

360-degree phishing protection

Lookout Phishing and Content Protection continuously monitors for the establishment of new websites purpose-built for phishing. Phishing AI enables Lookout to provide near real-time protection against zero-hour phishing attacks.
Machine intelligence

We leverage big data and AI to automatically detect known and unknown threats.

Real-time detection

With continuous monitoring and AI, we protect against phishing in real-time and against zero-hour attacks.

Content protection

We provide customizable web filtering of inappropriate web content.

Threat report: The state of mobile phishing

Mobile phishing is on the rise in the enterprise, as proven by the breach of a major social networking platform through a mobile phone spear phishing attack. Mobile phishing has become highly effective and is increasingly difficult to identify and protect against. Traditional security tools lack visibility and protection for the devices employees carry with them every day, which creates gaps in security when it comes to mobile phishing.

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