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Access from anywhere decreases your visibility

Ransomware is a familiar issue for any organization. No matter what we do, it persists through nearly every evolution of networks, infrastructure and devices. Now, employees expect seamless remote access to corporate infrastructure and resources from anywhere. This means security teams often lack the visibility they used to have into user activity, devices behavior and data handling practices.

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Remote work exposes your infrastructure to ransomware risks

Gone are the days of brute force attacks. Ransomware actors are now able to discreetly enter corporate infrastructure, most frequently by phishing employees on mobile devices and accessing corporate infrastructure with legitimate credentials. Once they find a way to enter your infrastructure, they can exfiltrate massive amounts of data in a short period of time and lock you out from key resources.

Virtual private networks (VPN) help with remote access, but those same credentials can enable attackers to move laterally across your infrastructure. This challenge is only exacerbated by employees increasingly using unmanaged devices and networks that aren’t under your team’s control to access your apps and infrastructure.

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Enable productivity without putting your business at risk

Employees in every industry expect to be able to access both on-prem and cloud-based resources from any device on any network. This expectation makes it difficult to control who is accessing your infrastructure, how they’re handling your data and where that data is shared.  

Lookout enables you to mitigate the risk of falling victim to ransomware attacks from endpoint to cloud. This starts by protecting employees against mobile phishing attacks that are frequently the way attackers steal login credentials. We also understand how your users behave, enabling you to stop malicious behaviors. Finally, with a deep understanding of your data, users, endpoints and apps, we enable you to provide dynamic Zero Trust access to the right users, ensuring your data stays within your control. 

Four key ways to mitigate the risk of ransomware

Secure the endpoint you use the most

Mobile devices are a big part of how your workers stay productive. To safeguard against ransomware, you need to ensure they are secure from threats like phishing.

Safeguard my mobile endpoints

Modernize secure connectivity to on prem apps

The apps in your data center don't have the security and access controls your employees need as they work from anywhere.

Replace my VPN

Take advantage of cloud apps without risking your data

By providing insight into user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), we enable you to identify and block anomalous behavior such as an abnormal login location or massive data download.

Provide precise cloud access

Protect your data in SaaS apps

Your data now travels from email to cloud apps and infrastructure. To safeguard your data you need to stay in control.

Provide Content Aware Access

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