Lookout Secure Cloud Access

February 13, 2020

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CASB for Box

Easily enable data loss prevention and data protection without compromising Box ease-of-use

Simplified user experience and ease of collaboration has become a must have for enterprise productivity. These demands have driven users to adopt a wide range of cloud storage and collaboration applications but have also created a visibility and data governance crisis for enterprises that need to manage risks and ensure compliance.

Lookout enables the benefits of Box security, while assuring that only authorized users can access regulated content such as credit card numbers, healthcare information, or intellectual property.

Lookout for Box enforces your corporate DLP policies, delivering enhanced security, by scanning content in Box and any new content uploaded into Box. The product will then automatically block, quarantine, or protect sensitive data when violations are triggered. The solution safeguards control and ensures compliance, without impeding Box operations or interfering with user functionality.

In addition, Lookout has solutions to help enterprises discover high risk cloud applications and consolidate users into enterprise friendly cloud providers like Box.

How it works

Lookout is seamlessly integrated with Box and transparent to your users – who continue to access Box directly from any anywhere, on any device.

Lookout uses Box APIs to scan content in real-time when it is uploaded. Based on your policies, Lookout can enforce a range of actions including alert, block, restrict sharing, or quarantine to protect sensitive files. All actions and alerts occur through the familiar Box interface along with email notifications.

Lookout for Box includes out-of-the-box compliance for major financial, healthcare, and privacy regulations with pre-built DLP policies for credit cards, personal information, banking codes, health information and more. The solution can also be integrated with existing enterprise DLP systems such as Symantec or RSA.


Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Lookout scans any content uploaded into Box and enforces corporate DLP policies. Out-of-the-box compliance policies are provided for PCI, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, HITECH and more. Pre-built templates can spot credit card numbers, mag-stripe data, Social Security numbers, SWIFT codes, ABA routing numbers, national drug codes (NDC), and more.

Support for Enterprise DLP Systems

The solution can integrate with your existing DLP systems such as Symantec or RSA via the ICAP protocol, enabling you to extend your enterprise DLP policies to cloud applications like Box.

Multiple Enforcement Options

Lookout provides granular policy controls to prevent leaks while not interfering with your business. Based on your policies, the solution can automatically alert, block, prevent sharing, quarantine, or allow self-remediation – giving users a time window to fix problems.

Fine-Grained Access Controls

Lookout allows you to restrict sharing of sensitive content within specific Box user groups and prevent external users from inadvertently gaining access to such information.  For instance, a file containing credit card information may never be shared outside the Finance organization.

Cloud Malware Detection

Cloud applications often bypass conventional network-based anti-virus systems, but Lookout adds integrated malware protection preventing viruses from spreading via Box, with zero-day protection against cloud viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots, rootkits, and more.

Real-Time and On-Demand Scanning

Lookout for Box scans content for DLP violations as it is being uploaded into Box with minimal latency, providing on-going security for all protected users. In addition, the solution can provide on-demand scanning for content already in Box folders, making it easy to add new users, or run periodic audits on specific folders.

Unrivaled Visibility and Security

The Lookout solution delivers deep visibility into your user interactions with Box. Extensive, configurable reporting lets you easily track the types of content being uploaded, who has access to specific types of content, as well as monitoring for policy violations.

Seamless User Experience & Support for BYOD

Lookout for Box is completely transparent to your end-users, supporting access from any location or device. The solution integrates directly with Box, providing security behind the scenes while preserving the user experience. Users can continue to access Box through the familiar web interface, desktop client, or mobile clients.

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