Lookout Cloud Security

February 13, 2020

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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention overview

As organizations seek to utilize a broad range of cloud capabilities to increase business agility – from email and collaboration to applications infrastructure – the necessity for dedicated cloud DLP has become a requirement.

Lookout delivers Data Loss Prevention (DLP) that enables organizations to apply consistent data security policies and controls across all of their cloud applications.

The CASB approach to DLP

The widespread adoption of cloud apps has skyrocketed collaboration. But it has also exposed your data to new risks as your employees work from anywhere.

Lookout Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables you to stay in control of your data with advanced data protection capabilities. DLP integrates with cloud apps to give you visibility and control over all data in your apps.

Protect cloud-based collaboration

The shift to remote work has challenged organizations to adopt cloud-based collaboration tools to maintain business continuity. Lookout is unique in its ability to extend Cloud DLP for both SaaS governance and email security, offering multi-cloud protection across the widest range of cloud applications.

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