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October 31, 2022

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Lookout and HPE Aruba Announce Integrated SASE Architecture

To streamline networking management and modernize IT operations organizations are deploying software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) systems. But as networking becomes cloud-delivered, security often lags behind. With data and applications moving to the cloud, you need an efficient way to secure the activities that are going on between branch locations and the cloud. 

This is where secure access service edge (SASE) comes in. A SASE solution transforms perimeter-based capabilities into a set of cloud-delivered, converged network and security solutions that are available when and where they’re needed. The core network component of SASE is SD-WAN, while the core security component is known as security service edge (SSE). By blending the two, SASE provides organizations with simpler and more secure access. 

This is why I’m excited to announce a new partnership with HPE Aruba, which will integrate Lookout SSE with the HPE Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN solution. The partnership will give HPE Aruba customers an easy path to achieve a SASE deployment with an SSE solution that includes advanced data protection capabilities. 

Read on to learn more about what to expect from this partnership. 

Simple and secure access with Lookout and HPE Aruba 

With this partnership, customers can leverage two best-of-breed solutions — SD-WAN from HPE Aruba and SSE from the Lookout Cloud Security Platform — to create an integrated, modern SASE architecture. 

Here are some of the benefits that HPE Aruba customers can expect from the integration: 

Data that is protected everywhere

Users in branch locations are now looking to connect to various destinations to get their work done — whether it’s to cloud services, private apps, or the internet. To protect data in this increasingly complex environment, Lookout provides advanced data protection capabilities including data loss prevention (DLP). This enables organizations to have full visibility into how their data is being handled or modified and enforce context-aware policies across its entire infrastructure.  

Visibility into user and device behavior

When user behavior deviates from the norm, it can be a sign of an insider threat. Lookout user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) allows Aruba customers to monitor the activity of users and devices and gain control over shadow IT and unsanctioned apps. This increased visibility gives insight into potential internal and external cyber threats.

Simplified connectivity management for branch offices 

Deploying security to new branch locations can sometimes be a pain. Lookout’s integration with Aruba means that EdgeConnect Enterprise customers can use the Service Orchestration workflow within Aruba Orchestrator to automatically create and secure highly available IPSec tunnel pairs between branch locations and Lookout SSE platform enforcement points. This avoids the need to manually create tunnels every time a new branch or a new app is onboarded, and simplifies the management of site connectivity.

Using cloud services with confidence 

Cloud-based Lookout SSE combined with Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN allows customers to enforce inline security policies and maintain visibility with better performance because they no longer have to backhaul traffic before accessing cloud apps. 

Customers will be able to create consistent policies that extend throughout the entire enterprise as well as gain full visibility and control over cloud apps by using secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), and zero trust network access (ZTNA) as an integrated platform. They can also leverage the integrated DLP, UEBA, and enterprise data rights management (EDRM) policies to ensure only validated users are accessing their sensitive data. 

By simplifying access and security, Lookout SSE complements the features of HPE Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN and together, they provide a commonsense approach to SASE adoption. 

To learn more about this integration, check HPE Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN Solutions Brief.

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