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October 13, 2020

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Google & Lookout Partner to Deliver Zero Trust for Mobile Devices

Productivity suites have changed the way we work

With the advent of cloud productivity platforms, tablets and smartphones have become an integral part of our work and personal lives. At any time, we are one tap away from accessing the same content as our desktop computers. In some ways, mobile devices have replaced those traditional devices as our main productivity tool. To borrow a line from a current ad campaign for tablets – “your next computer is not a computer.”

One of the most widely-used cloud productivity platforms is Google Workspace, formerly known as Google G Suite. No matter what device you use, you are one browser away from collaborating with anyone and from anywhere. Many organizations, including here at Lookout, have integrated Google Workspace into our workflow to the point that its rich digital collaboration capabilities are essential to every employee’s daily routine.

With such a global reliance on Android and iOS devices, security teams are rethinking the way they secure their organizations. Productivity apps enable your employees to work productively outside the office, but this renders your perimeter-based security obsolete. The notion of the security perimeter needs to be extended to every endpoint, including those running Android, Chrome OS and iOS. You need a modern approach that delivers a zero-trust strategy by only permitting data access from mobile devices considered healthy enough through continuous assessment of risk.

The modern workplace requires a modern approach

One of the challenges organizations need to overcome is the way all of us think about mobile devices – specifically, the inherent trust we place in them. We use them all the time and carry them with us everywhere we go, regardless of whether they are work-issued or personal devices. It’s this false sense of security that leads to corporate data leaks and breaches.

So what does this all mean? I mentioned earlier that securing mobile devices with access to corporate data requires a modern approach beyond what more traditional security tools offer. A key part of this modern approach is being able to control access to corporate data based on the continuous assessment of a mobile device’s risk level. If someone’s tablet has a risk level that is not acceptable to your organization, you can turn off its access to your corporate cloud data. To meet this requirement, Lookout delivered Continuous Conditional Access (CCA) in early 2019.

Lookout CCA and Cloud Identity provide secure mobile access to Google Workspace

Google has teamed up with us to enable organizations to secure their mobile devices – even if they’re not managed. This partnership will empower organizations to securely access Workspace without fear of mobile threats compromising corporate data. The integration of Lookout Continuous Conditional Access and Google Cloud Identity protects things like confidential presentations we build in Slides, financial reports and analysis calculated in Sheets, and research reports in Docs by ensuring only healthy devices access that highly sensitive data.

We built Lookout Continuous Conditional Access to dynamically monitor to see whether the device connecting to their organization is compromised by app, device or network threats. With real-time information we empower Google Workspace to permit only healthy devices to connect. We created a modern approach to secure mobile access because traditional security tools lack visibility into the devices your employees carry with them all the time.

Integrating Lookout with a scalable platform like Cloud Identity is paramount in building a strong modern endpoint protection strategy. Together, Lookout Continuous Conditional Access and Google Cloud Identity protect your Google Workspaces from malicious threats delivered via mobile phishing scams, malicious apps, and device-level exploitations.

Secure the devices your employees use the most

As you think about how to protect corporate data from threat actors, ensure your smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks are given the same priority as traditional endpoints. We all think our mobile devices are inherently secure, but that false sense of security won’t protect you or your employees from mobile phishing, malicious apps, and device compromise. By deploying Lookout Continuous Conditional Access with Google Cloud Identity, you can ensure all of the sensitive data stored in your Google Drive is safe from mobile threats.

Lookout and Google together have invested in a shared vision for protecting mobile data by supporting Zero Trust and BeyondCorp. Lookout is supporting BeyondCorp today for our customers, and is available as part of our free 90-day trial.

Lookout is a founding member of the Google App Defense Alliance. Mobile users that download their apps from Google Play are protected by Lookout from app threats every single day.  

Learn more about our integration here. Be sure to also check out Google’s announcement of this partnership.

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