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May 13, 2022

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Lookout Accelerates Zero Trust Journey for Ivanti Customers With SSE

To keep pace with the demands of a digital-first economy, organizations are accelerating cloud adoption and expanding work-from-anywhere initiatives. But as operations become more efficient, security teams struggle to keep pace. Existing solutions are not built to scale and can’t provide seamless access that safeguards data, which now reside in countless applications on premises and in the cloud.

This is why I’m thrilled that Lookout has joined forces with Ivanti. With users and data moving freely outside the bounds of corporate perimeters, organizations need a way to efficiently protect data without hindering productivity. By integrating our respective Security Service Edge (SSE) technologies, we’re offering Ivanti customers the opportunity to smoothly transition into a Zero Trust security posture without leaving behind their existing tools.

Rather than purchase third-party solutions to secure web and cloud usage, they can now deploy Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Lookout Secure Web Gateway (SWG) as a fully integrated stack with Ivanti Neurons. This enables Ivanti customers to extend their Zero Trust deployment from Ivanti Neurons to any software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps and the internet.

Remote work has changed security requirements

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a monumental shift in how we stay productive. Employees are increasingly using endpoints and networks that organizations don't manage to access what they need, sidestepping on-premises security tools that organizations relied on. And as more apps are onboarded, corporate data now sprawls across countless locations both on premises and in the cloud.

As a result, IT and security teams lack the visibility into how their users are accessing enterprise resources and how data is being handled. Whether its compromised accounts, accidental data leakage or malicious insider threats, organizations have difficulty protecting their data.

This is why organizations are turning to Zero Trust to enable access while protecting data. To achieve this, IT and security teams require converged cloud security solutions.

Simplified security with complete visibility and control 

The biggest challenge organizations face in a work-from-anywhere environment is fragmentation and complexity, whether it’s the users’ location, the endpoints they use, or how data is hosted.

With this joint solution, Ivanti customers now have complete visibility into users, endpoints and data. This means they can easily scale up security and enable users to access what they need without putting sensitive data at risk. By considering the fluctuating risk postures of the end user, the endpoint they use, as well as the data sensitivity level of the data they seek to access, organizations can enforce granular and dynamic policies with precision.

The solution also provides a single agent on all endpoints, which extends visibility and control over all devices and enables single sign-on to all cloud services. It also provides a seamless end-user experience with clear communications on when policy is enforced.

Data protection requires a unified security solution

Zero Trust is the security Northstar for organizations seeking to secure hybrid work, but it has always been a challenge with existing solutions. This is why Lookout is partnering with Ivanti. By integrating our products, we make it easy for Ivanti customers to seamlessly deploy Zero Trust with SSE.

In a hybrid work environment, it’s no longer feasible to deploy disparate products. Ivanti Neuron Zero Trust Access (ZTA), Lookout CASB and Lookout SWG each solve distinct but equally important aspects of security. But what we’re offering isn’t just security for cloud apps, private apps or internet access — we’re leveraging the telemetry from each of these solutions to ensure that access is seamless for the end user while protecting your most valuable assets.

Check out our joint news announcement with Ivanti to learn more.

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