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September 24, 2018

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Lookout Integration With the Microsoft Graph Security API

Lookout is proud to announce our integration with the Microsoft Graph Security API. Announced at Microsoft Ignite, this integration will enable Lookout mobile security threat information to be accessible from the Microsoft Graph Security API. Customers can now query, receive, correlate and report on their Lookout mobile telemetry from an ecosystem of applications that are connected to the Microsoft Graph.

Lookout provides protection against the full range of iOS and Android mobile device risks to include malicious applications, operating system vulnerabilities, network attacks, phishing and content threats and can inform the Microsoft Graph of these threats against a device.  Lookout can also determine if mobile applications violate a corporate compliance policy, such as GDPR, and send associated information to Microsoft Graph applications.

Ensuring a user’s device is healthy is critical before providing access to corporate information. For example, based on Lookout threat alerts, integrated services could restrict access to sensitive documents or could prevent access to corporate cloud resources. Lookout’s advanced phishing protection alerts can also add phishing alerts via mobile social networking mobile messaging.

"With easy integration and correlation of security alerts from Microsoft products as well as ecosystem partners like Lookout, customers can gain new and critical insight into their enterprise risks and improve their overall security posture and incident response."

Sarah Fender, Microsoft Group Program Manager

Lookout’s integration into the Microsoft Graph Security API can combine with other threat intelligence and security signals from across Microsoft products, services, and security solutions as well as signals from third party Microsoft Graph providers to identify and mitigate cyberthreats and complements the existing Lookout integrations with Microsoft AAD, Intune and Windows Defender ATP.

With the wide spectrum of risks facing today's enterprise, Lookout’s integrations will allow Microsoft customers to take advantage of insights Lookout has gathered and analyzed from the real-world security data of over 160M devices worldwide; that analysis includes a review of over 60 million iOS and Android apps using advanced machine learning techniques to identify risks.  

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