"Mobile security has evolved from a tool for highly regulated industries and government agencies to an essential security solution for all organizations"

Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility, IDC

Everyone’s approach to cybersecurity architecture has changed forever. When every employee started working from home, organizations had to quickly scale their security to protect each home as a remote office. As a result, the security perimeter needs to be extended to every endpoint including iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices.

Lookout delivers a cloud-based security platform built from the ground up to protect, detect and respond to cyberattacks on mobile devices. We enable you to close a critical gap in your security architecture, and stop phishing attacks, ransomware and data breaches.

Protecting your data and ensuring its availability

Prevent data breaches

At the highest level, the goal of a security team is to prevent data from being stolen. This is true of all data including intellectual property, personally identifiable data (PII), and product development and acquisition strategies.

Lookout protects against attacks and enables you to detect and respond rapidly when there is a threat. We provide the right telemetry data to identify a cyberattack, know what the attacker is doing and proactively contain them. Lookout continually assesses the risk profile of devices to dynamically change Zero Trust access controls to protect data.

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Ensure business continuity

Empowering a productive remote workforce has become a business differentiator to which mobile devices are essential. They have also become a primary target for phishing attacks. Outcomes of phishing can range from credential theft leading to data exfiltration to ransomware that can bring any organization to an instantaneous halt.

Cybercriminals are attacking mobile devices because organizations have security for most all other infrastructure and endpoints except mobile. Lookout protects your organization against attacks that originate on your employees’ mobile devices. Our platform enables secure remote work with both company-issued and personal mobile devices so you can focus on your business and not security.

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Achieve regulatory compliance

Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA exist to ensure personal, financial and health data is not put at risk. Mobile endpoints are full of this data and have the same access to company data as any desktop or laptop.

The Lookout security platform protects mobile devices from app, device, network and phishing threats that put data at risk. In addition, we offer organizations the ability to integrate our leading capabilities into their own mobile apps.


Lightweight App

Cloud-based platform optimizes battery life and processor load.

Security graph

Industry-leading AI driven by the largest mobile dataset.

Modular platform

Delivers the protection, detection and response you need.

Single console

Frictionless deployment with continuous insight on risk.


Limitless scale that cannot be subverted on the device.

Protection without prying

Behavior-based detections stop attacks that lead to breaches.

Mobile security that integrates well

Some organizations manage their employee’s mobile devices with tools like mobile device management (MDM) or unified endpoint management (UEM). Lookout integrates with MDM and UEM to simplify the enrollment process of these devices.

Our integration with MDM and UEM as well as mobile application management (MAM) enables you to use Lookout as an integral part of your Zero Trust strategy. Lookout continuously monitors the risk profile of the device, apps and network connections. MDM, UEM and MAM software use the Lookout real-time risk profile to dynamically modify the access permissions to protect your data from risk.

Lookout also integrates with most security information and event management (SIEM) systems. Using standard syslog and common event format integration, comprehensive mobile telemetry can be correlated with data from other systems in your security architecture. The result is a complete dataset to enable threat investigations.

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Stop the #1 start of a cyberattack

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Zero Trust

Adapt access policies in real time for mobile devices

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Remote work

Security tethered to workers vs. the office

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What research experts say about us

"Lookout has a strong BYOD/unmanaged device protection strategy focusing on software-defined perimeter and continuous conditional access controls, with integrations and partnerships with business app and identity vendors."

Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility, IDC

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"Mobile phishing is on the rise. There are numerous channels to reach a mobile device that, unlike email, are not under phishing protection."

Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense, Dionisio Zumerle, Rob Smith 2019

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How we help our customers

Nasdaq, Inc.

Lookout enables Nasdaq employees to securely use Office 365

Schneider Electric

Schneider reduced their cybersecurity risk globally with Lookout

US Armed Services

Lookout enabled secure BYOD for government agencies

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