Secure Your Data from Endpoint-to-Cloud

"By combining the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technologies, Lookout is in a unique position to deliver an end-to-end platform that secures an organization’s entire data path from endpoint-to-cloud."
Jim Dolce, CEO, Lookout

Everyone’s approach to cybersecurity architecture has changed forever. When employees started working from home, organizations had to quickly scale their security to protect each home as a remote office. What once lived within your walls and your data center now resides outside your perimeter. This means you no longer have visibility into what’s going on with your users, endpoints, apps and data.

Lookout integrates endpoint security with secure access edge service (SASE) so you can secure data while respecting user privacy. With an integrated endpoint-to-cloud solution, we provide you the visibility, insights and controls you need within a single platform.

Gain visibility, get control and protect privacy

Stay in control like you still have a perimeter

The first step of securing your organization is to stay in control. But this has become difficult when everything is outside your jurisdiction. Your users now work anywhere and use networks and software that aren’t managed by you. It doesn’t help that you also own a patchwork of apps scattered across your data centers, cloud providers and applications as a service.

Lookout delivers security that goes wherever your data goes – on unmanaged endpoints, in the cloud and everywhere in between. We eliminate the guesswork by providing visibility into what’s happening at all times. With these actionable insights in a single place, we enable you to dial in precise access, protect your data and hunt for threats.

Prevent data breaches

To protect your organization’s data, you need security that enables your employees to work the way they want without putting your data at risk. At the highest level, the goal of a security team is to prevent data from being stolen. This is true of all data including intellectual property, personally identifiable data (PII), and product development and acquisition strategies.

Lookout secures your data in every situation. We understand the data your employees need for work and can provide dynamic access that matches the user’s risk posture. With deep knowledge of what data you have, we can also classify and encrypt data on the go to prevent unauthorized access or accidental sharing.

Protect from Data Breaches

Achieve regulatory compliance without impeding productivity

Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA exist to ensure personal, financial and health data is not put at risk. You risk exposing data and violating regulations if you don’t know who is accessing your data and how it’s being handled. But this visibility shouldn’t interfere with user productivity or privacy.

The Lookout security platform gives you back the controls you used to have in your perimeter. We provide complete visibility into your users’ behavior, the endpoints and apps they use, the type of data you own and how they’re being handled. With those insights, you can deploy dynamic Zero Trust access and data protection across everything.

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Complete visibility

Full insight into your data, users, apps and endpoints.

Unified Insights

A single platform to implement policies and hunt for threats.

Precise controls

Provide granular access that matches your user’s risk level.

Protect data

Classify and encrypt data on the fly to prevent data leakage.

Detect threats

Secure against attacks such as insider threats and ransomware.

Privacy-centric security

Behavior-based detections stop attacks that lead to breaches.

Integrated endpoint-to-cloud security

Investing in virtual private networks (VPNs) is how many organizations are supporting their remote workers. While it enables access, it undermines your security by giving whoever is connected unrestricted access to your internal networks. When attackers gain access through compromised access, VPNs do not provide the segmentation needed to limit lateral movement.

To securely tap into productivity from anywhere, you need the same visibility, insights you had within your perimeter. Lookout integrates endpoint security with secure access service edge (SASE) technologies so you can secure data from endpoint to cloud while respecting user privacy.

How We help our customers

Nasdaq, Inc.

Lookout enables Nasdaq employees to securely use Office 365

Schneider Electric

Schneider reduced their cybersecurity risk globally with Lookout

US Armed Services

Lookout enabled secure BYOD for government agencies

Lookout delivers endpoint-to-cloud Security