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Mobility is at the heart of the law profession

Mobile devices have been an integral part of the law profession since their inception. Even prior to the introduction of smartphones in the mid-2000s, your firm’s staff were likely already using cellphones regularly. Since then, tablets and smartphones have become a key way your attorneys, paralegals and staff communicate and handle sensitive documents. This has enabled your firm to efficiently serve clients.

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New risks are introduced by mobile devices

Mobile devices have empowered your lawyers to work productively from anywhere. But this freedom has introduced risks into your firm. Because these devices sit at the intersection of your staff’s personal and professional lives, your firm’s staff have become easy targets of phishing attacks. These phones and tablets may also be carrying apps that could violate privacy or compliance requirements. With everything so interconnected, a well placed phishing attack or a risky app could compromise your firm’s data.

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Telecommute with ease while we protect your data

Everything your firm wants to secure – such as case files, memos and contracts – is now easily accessible by mobile devices. To ensure that your sensitive client information is secure, you need security that works no matter where your staff telecommutes from, whether their device is managed or not.

The Lookout Security Platform is built from the ground up for mobile. This means we enable your legal staff to securely access sensitive documents without us needing to violate their personal privacy or attorney-client privilege. By leveraging machine intelligence to analyze telemetry from millions of devices, apps and phishing sites, we can automatically detect threats even if we have never seen them before.

How can Lookout help you?

Anti-phishing to secure your sensitive data

Being always on the move, attorneys use their mobile devices with speed and efficiency. But that means they are also susceptible to phishing attacks, especially when the smaller screen and countless apps enable cyberattackers to deliver socially engineered attacks. Lookout Phishing and Content Protection uses artificial intelligence to automatically stop known and unknown phishing threats.

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Safeguard devices and data from advanced malware

Everyone at your firm needs to be able to access cloud services from any device. Advanced mobile malware can exploit mobile device and app vulnerabilities to discreetly exfiltrate data from any service to which the device has access. By continuously monitoring device and app behaviors, Lookout Modern Endpoint Protection protects against threats spanning from jailbreaking or rooting a device to advanced device compromise.

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Ensure the apps your lawyers use don’t add risks

Even if they are corporate-issued, phones and tablets are treated as personal devices. With work and personal lives converging on them, you need to ensure the apps your legal staff use aren’t putting your client’s information at risk. Lookout Risk and Compliance arms you with the data from our analysis of more than 125 million apps to enforce policies. This means you can automate the monitoring to know when an app is introducing risk into your firm and take action.

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Success Story

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Case Study

Taylor Vinters Case Study

Taylor Vinters is an international law firm supporting the businesses which drive the innovation economy, and the entrepreneurs and private wealth that underpin them.

The firm’s vision is to create an agile working environment which requires a move from on-premises to the cloud. Unlike desktops, laptops and mobile devices can’t be secured by perimeter-based security tied to corporate offices. Working out of the office brings new attack surfaces that could put the firm’s proprietary information at risk of exposure, Taylor Vinters’ IT team sought a solution that could help it protect its data and meet regulatory requirements.

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Legal Case Study Thumbnail

Case Study

Boels Zanders Case Study

Boels Zanders, one of the top law firms in the Netherlands, delivers both broad and highly specialized national and international legal expertise for a global client base. With a highly mobile employee base, Boels Zanders initiated a mobility program with firm-owned devices.

In order to guarantee secure access to sensitive data and align with Dutch and EU compliance standards, the firm knew that they needed to implement a mobile threat defense solution.

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