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Mobility is key to staying competitive

Pharmaceutical organizations have always been one of the firsts to adopt technology – and this includes tablets and smartphones. You want to be the first to bring ground-breaking treatments or vaccines to market. To do so, you need your workers to stay productive regardless of where they are: in a lab, with research partners, on the floor of a manufacturing plant or collaborating with business partners on-the-go.

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Keep control of your intellectual property

While mobile devices increase productivity, they also expose your valuable intellectual property (IP) to countless new risks. Any of these devices can be compromised and provide cyberattackers access to your proprietary data as it moves from the research labs to manufacturing to your sales representatives in the field.

Because pharmaceutical intellectual property is so valuable, it is the target of both private and state-sponsored cyberattackers. In 2020 alone, authorities in both the U.S. and the U.K. issued official warnings about potential attacks against pharmaceutical companies related to COVID-19 research.

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Secure your endpoints to protect your intellectual property

Your employees want the flexibility to work regardless of whether they’re at home or in the lab. So you need security that can protect both managed and unmanaged mobile devices and regardless of whether they’re within the protection of your perimeter-based security.

The Lookout Security Platform enables your workers to continue using mobile devices to access corporate data with ease, and without violating their privacy. By using artificial intelligence to analyze telemetry data from millions of devices, apps and phishing sites, we can detect app, device, network and phishing threats, even if we have never seen it before. We also equip you with the ability to research and investigate advanced mobile attacks and threat hunt.

How can Lookout help you?

Securely extend acceptable use policies to mobile

To stay competitive, data must be accessible on mobile endpoints across research and development, manufacturing, and distribution channels. This data must be handled securely to align with data privacy and security compliance standards like HIPAA, CGMP, and GDPR. Lookout Risk and Compliance provides full visibility into your organization’s mobile fleet and enables you to implement organization-wide governance, risk and compliance policies.

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Secure against the #1 start of a cyberattack: phishing

One of the most common ways your intellectual property can be stolen is with a phishing attack. With countless mobile endpoints now connected to your infrastructure, a single compromise can result in a data breach. Lookout Phishing and Content Protection uses artificial intelligence to stop known and unknown phishing threats, especially when they are used outside your perimeter security.

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Stop breaches and ransomware with mobile EDR

As private and state-sponsored threat actors target your organization, you need the ability to detect, respond and investigate these persistent threats. With Lookout endpoint detection and response, you will have the same tools our security analysts use to expose some of the most sophisticated mobile threats ever found. These include Pegasus, Dark Caracal, Monokle and Silk Bean.

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Threat Report

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Threat Report

Pharmaceutical Threat Report

Mobile devices have allowed you to increase productivity throughout your entire pharmaceutical supply chain. But this greater connectivity is exposing your valuable intellectual property (IP) to countless new risks. Read the Pharmaceutical Threat Report to better understand the risks mobile devices have introduced into your organization.

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