Ensure Secure Access to Data and Intellectual Property Anywhere

Seamless access is key to staying competitive

Pharmaceutical companies have always been some of the first to adopt cutting-edge technology. You want to be the first to bring ground-breaking treatments or vaccines to market. To do so, you need your workers to stay productive regardless of what device they’re using or where they are: in a lab with research teams, on the floor of a manufacturing plant or collaborating with business partners in the field.

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Keep control of your intellectual property

While digital transformation enables better collaboration and productivity, it also exposes your valuable intellectual property (IP) to countless new risks. Any of your employees' devices or accounts could be compromised at any time. This would give cyber-attackers access to your proprietary data as it moves from the research labs to manufacturing to your sales representatives in the field.

Because pharmaceutical intellectual property (IP) is so valuable, it is the target of both private and state-sponsored cyberattacks. According to Lookout data, in the first quarter of 2021 alone, more than 1 in 5 mobile users in the pharmaceutical industry were exposed to a mobile phishing attack.

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Secure your intellectual property from endpoint to cloud

Your employees want the flexibility to work whether they’re at home, in the lab or in the field. You need security that can protect your data regardless of where your employees are or what device they choose to use. This is especially important as workers increasingly use devices and networks you don’t have control over.

Lookout secures your data as it travels from endpoint to cloud by integrating endpoint security with secure access service edge (SASE). We give you back the visibility and control you used to have inside your perimeter. With a deep understanding of your data, users, endpoints and apps, we enable you to provide dynamic Zero Trust access to those you trust, ensuring your data stays within your control. We also give you the unified insights you need to hunt for threats and investigate advanced cyber attacks.

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Pharmaceutical threat report

Mobile devices have allowed you to increase productivity throughout your entire pharmaceutical supply chain. But this greater connectivity is exposing your valuable intellectual property (IP) to countless new risks. Read the Pharmaceutical Threat Report to better understand the risks mobile devices have introduced into your organization.

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