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March 7, 2018

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Lookout Joins MaaS360 on IBM Security App Exchange

IBM App Exchange

Lookout is excited to announce that Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is now available on the IBM Security App Exchange.

IBM and Lookout share the goal of helping businesses find and deploy the right tools for protecting corporate data. Using IBM Security App Exchange, businesses can find verified security and technology partners to keep their endpoints safe. IBM has specifically validated each app, including Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, on the App Exchange through a structured partner app integration and validation process.

Lookout falls into the "Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)" category on the App Exchange and is integrated with IBM MaaS360 with Watson unified endpoint management (UEM) for easy use by any enterprise.

Protecting data from mobile threats and risks is critical now

In today's enterprises, mobile risks are high, but visibility is low. According to a recent study from CSOonline, 84% of respondents believe that the threat risk on mobile is "high" to "very high." Another 75% say their organizations need to increase visibility into mobile risks.

Having a security strategy that includes Mobile Threat Defense is essential to gaining that visibility as enterprises embrace digital transformation, allow mobile devices in the workplace, and become subject to global compliance regulations, such as GDPR.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is the most comprehensive MTD solution

Today, 94 percent of IT leaders say a comprehensive solution is the number one factor for mobile security, according to the CSOonline survey. A comprehensive solution embraces both MTD and MDM in order to detect the full Spectrum of Mobile Risk and remediate them.

When employing Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, coupled with MaaS360, enterprises will receive:

  • Detection and remediation of app, network, and web & content threats
  • Detection and remediation of app, network, device, and web & content risks
  • Ability to set custom policies based on the enterprise's specific risk tolerance

To learn more about Lookout partners, check out this page or contact us today.