January 4, 2018

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New Survey Indicates Mobile Risks Are High, Visibility Is Low

A new study from and Lookout reveals that while most IT and business leaders believe that mobile threats and risks to corporate data are a real problem, their visibility into these risks is lacking.

Mobile risks impact employees in corporations around the world daily. For example, Igexin is a malicious ad SDK that spied on its victims through innocent apps. SonicSpy is another mobile spyware operation, was found in thousands of apps on (and removed from) the Google Play Store. Risks may include non-malicious apps that send contact information off the device, or employees falling for phishing attacks. We call this the Spectrum of Mobile Risk.

Still, with all of the mobile threats to corporate data that IT and business leaders are up against, 75 percent of respondents said their "organizations need to increase visibility into mobile risks."

Today, 94 percent of IT leaders say a comprehensive solution is the number one factor for mobile security. This means corporations need to invest in a security solution that address the full Spectrum of Mobile Risk, including mobile threats, risky behaviors and device configurations, and mobile vulnerabilities.

Learn more about what IT leaders are saying today in the CSO and Lookout infographic below.

Want to learn more about the state of mobile risks faced by organizations today? Watch the webinar with Bob Bragdon from CSO and Aaron Cockerill from Lookout here.

IDG Visibility Infographic