June 7, 2016

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Lookout and Microsoft: Securing Enterprise Mobility Together

Today, Lookout and Microsoft announced a new partnership that will integrate Lookout Mobile Threat Protection with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. Together, we’re improving how enterprises protect and manage the sensitive data that employees access through their mobile devices every day.

“Lookout shares our belief that mobility should empower employees, not restrict them. Companies should be harnessing the power of the intelligent cloud and mobile threat data to limit their exposure to potential security breaches. We are excited to be working closely together with Lookout to integrate these new capabilities with EMS.”
- Brad Anderson, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s Enterprise Client & Mobility Group

Why security is a critical component to enterprise mobility

Working without a mobile device is not an option anymore. Mobile is the way business is done. People travel and check their email. They access sensitive data via their devices. They collaborate with coworkers in real-time. A Gallup poll shows that 72% of Americans check their devices at least hourly, with 52% checking their devices a few times time an hour or more.

The rising use of mobile devices combined with the rising prevalence of sophisticated threats against mobile apps, networks, and devices adds up to one clear conclusion: it’s vital that enterprises get ahead of their mobile risks, and now is the time to get mobile security right. Lookout is partnering with Microsoft to enhance enterprise mobile security and enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation.

The best mobility. The best mobile security.

Our joint goal is to make enterprise IT and security leaders’ lives easier. “Security” is elusive because it seems as soon as one hole is plugged, there’s another right around the corner. Fortunately, mobile devices don’t need to be another task on the IT-security to-do list. The Microsoft and Lookout integration will give business customers peace of mind: employees will benefit from the freedom and flexibility of mobile productivity, and mobility teams will get the comfort of knowing those devices are comprehensively secure.

What we’re building

Lookout's solution is lightweight and built with mobile in mind, a perfect complement to Microsoft's mobility suite. Together, we’ll deliver benefit to both IT security teams and employees themselves.

When mobile threats are detected, the integration between Lookout and Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite will give IT and security teams the ability to take action — protecting data across users’ devices, and applications. Teams will also be able to use threat intelligence from Lookout to set policies. This helps everyone manage and secure access to cloud and on-premise applications, as well as to selectively wipe corporate data from devices.

Employees will benefit from the same peace of mind knowing that their devices — which are never perfectly segregated between work and personal use — are safe from growing mobile threats.

Microsoft and Lookout have partnered to help companies stay more secure in this world of mobility and cloud, learn more below.