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June 22, 2022

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Lookout Powers VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Lookout and VMware recently announced the debut of Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), a new mobile security solution incorporating Lookout mobile protection technologies. Through this partnership with VMware, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is built in and can be activated seamlessly within Workspace ONE.

This new solution is an extension of past integrations of Lookout with the Workspace ONE Trust Network. In the past and today, it is possible to integrate reporting and automate responses to threats between Lookout mobile security solutions and the Workspace ONE platform. 

What’s new is the ability to deliver Lookout mobile protection capabilities directly via the Workspace ONE UEM Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). When Lookout capabilities are turned on, no separate app on the end user device is required as security for iOS, Android ChromeOS is delivered directly from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, an app that Anywhere Workspace users are already using.

The Lookout mission is to empower productivity, no matter how people work or what device they use. With hybrid work becoming the norm, employees are increasingly relying on mobile devices and, in many cases, insecure networks to connect to enterprise resources. This new reality exposes end users and their devices to new risks, including phishing, device, app and network level threats. Rather than adding yet another solution for IT to manage, we now enable our industry-leading mobile security to be activated directly within Workspace ONE.

Hybrid work requires best-in-class mobile security

Endpoint security historically has emphasized the need to protect Macs and PCs. With the recent rise in mobile threats, security professionals have become hyper aware of the need for mobile security. According to the 2021 Verizon MSI, 40% of organizations recognize mobile devices as their biggest security risk. 

With mobile security embedded, not only does deployment and management become streamlined, but threat intelligence can be aggregated to enrich the actions within Workspace ONE. With Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense, organizations can effortlessly and proactively coordinate activities across their security and management functions rather than waiting for manual reporting in order to evaluate security posture across end users and devices. 

Workspace ONE MTD is powered by Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, which includes the Lookout Security Graph. The Graph, which contains the world’s largest mobile dataset and enables organizations to anticipate and identify known and unknown threats. By leveraging information from more than 200 million devices, 170 million apps and 40 billion domains, administrators can protect and remediate mobile devices automatically through Workspace ONE. 

With advanced mobile security now native to VMware Workspace ONE, organizations can easily protect themselves against the entire spectrum of mobile risk, including:

  • App-based threats include malware but also outdated apps that have vulnerabilities as well as apps that pose a high risk to your organization.
  • Device vulnerabilities and zero-day threats, such as jailbreak and root access as well as outdated operating system versions.
  • Network threats and vulnerabilities from unsecured networks including machine-in-the-middle attacks, SSL certificate stripping, forcing weaker algorithm negotiation, anomalous application network connection activity.

Lookout and VMware make mobile security easy

Mobile security is now critical for any organization, especially as they embrace hybrid work and employees are relying on mobile endpoints to get work done. At the same time IT and security teams are struggling to keep pace with ever increasing complexity.

With direct integrations with the Workspace ONE platform Lookout is not only expanding on their already long-standing relationship with VMware, but also ensuring that mobile security is easily incorporated into their existing solutions.

To learn more, visit the VMware Mobile Threat Defense page. You can also learn more about the Lookout-VMware partnership at our VMware page.

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