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Mobile risk is a real number.

"Of the 53,844 mobile devices in the average Global 2000 enterprise, 1,700 of those devices are infected by malware at any given time.”

Ponemon Institute, 2016

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The state of the Enterprise is (increasingly) mobile.

Access to corporate data through unsecured mobile devices is growing, and so is the risk.


mobile devices in the average global enterprise


increase in mobile access to corporate data


of corporate data is accessible on PCs and mobile


estimated growth of mobile access by 2018

Malicious risk. Measured response?

No protection

"64% of organizations are not vigilant in protecting sensitive or confidential data stored on or accessed by mobile devices."

No policies

"63% have no policy about the type of company data their employees can store on their mobile devices."

No measures

"35% of respondents say no measures are used to manage and secure data accessible on employees’ mobile devices."

The reality is that employees are accessing much more sensitive data than what IT perceives.

Contact lists
Employee Pll
Customer records
Confidential docs

Half aware, completely at risk.

Just 56% of IT are aware of all the types of enterprise data employees can and do access with their mobile devices.

So what’s really at stake?

From classified financials to private communications, the fact that so many different types of corporate data is moving through personal mobile devices is a serious concern.

IT ranks the 5 most at-risk types of corporate data accessed by mobile devices

Customer records


Contact lists


Confidential emails


Corporate emails


Financial data


2015. Mobility at the tipping point.

malware infections

(32 per 1,000 devices)

A surge of sophisticated breaches such as auto-rooting and spyware attacks

83% of IT now agree that employees’ devices put the enterprise at risk

67% of enterprises have already experienced a mobile data breach

Mobile risks impact your bottom line.

The risks (and costs) of mobile access can negatively impact your profits and growth.

Cost of infection

“Mobile malware costs organizations $16.3M per year, or $9,485 per infected device."

Cost of investigation

“Just 26% of infected devices are investigated or triaged, leaving 1,275 infected devices."

Cost of remediation

“If all infected devices were dealt with, the average cost could be as high as $26.4 million."

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Security, meet mobility.

Here’s the good news: Enterprises worldwide are realizing the need to make investments in protecting the enterprise from the risk of unprotected mobile devices.


of enterprise security budgets are currently dedicated to mobile


expected growth of mobile security budgets according to 52% of IT

Liberation without lockdown.

Now you can free connected employees, while securing your enterprise from the growing risks and costs of mobile infection. Lookout makes it possible.

The Economic Risk of Confidential Data on Mobile Devices in the Workplace

Conducted by Ponemon Institute